New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies

Many of you own or have read of the highly-regarded PPT Omega E Mat, one of Tim Mrock’s revolutionary signal-enhancing accessories. Just prior to his untimely passing, Tim had finished developing a new generation of his Omega mat, soon to be available. Krissy Mrock has asked a few of us to introduce this new mat, here given the working title of The Double Omega.

In distinguishing the Double Omega, we know the original Omega, herein called the single, as a 7.5” by 10”, rather heavy and somewhat pliable mat, a bit more than 1/8” thick and with a vinyl-like feel. One face is glossy white, displaying the PPT logo and Omega name, while the other is black, smooth and magnetized. Sandwiched between these faces is the active material that causes components to reject the EMI that saturates everything in our surroundings. The Double Omega is much the same, with one important difference: the magnetized face has the finely-textured feel of around, say, 220-grit sandpaper. This texture, it is presumed, comprises yet a second active layer of EMI rejection. Presumed—because working details of the Double Omega are not well understood—better yet to know how to apply it.

With the understanding that the single Omega E mats generate field effects from both faces, mats have typically been placed under and over components and vertically over circuit breakers. How you apply the Double Omega will depend on best use and experimentation. In my case, I have removed two single mats, lying side-by-side, from the top of my large Wadia CDP and have replaced those with two Double Omegas. The Wadia is a one-box player that contains a pre-amp, so I wanted that second, strong field effect exerting downward as well as upward. I also have several singles placed underneath, just as before. Going straight to amps, this player is my only source, so I want it fully protected from EMI. Your priorities will differ.

As of this writing, I am only thirty-hours in on placing these Double Omegas, and I can already tell you they are powerful in their prevention of EMI within my digital source. Yet another veil has been lifted—all instruments and voices are even more sorted out in the aural space with new information heard within that space. There is much more decay heard against a new silence behind and between the musicians. I am already so pleased and excited about what the Double Omega E mats are doing. As Krissy told me, Tim was really stoked to have these new mats available. Rather than wait for the the fourteen-day window of improvement, I want to get this intro out so others can relay their experiences sooner.

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I received two of the Omega-Plus E-Mats in the mail today.

Due to back pain, I spent the day vegging out in front of the 73" Mitsubishi TV watching taped football games from last weekend.  The stereo system wasn't turned on at all.

After taking the new mats out of their packaging, I placed them on top of the "Direct TV" satellite box that sits on one of the shelves of the TV stand. I had to adjust the color temperature of the TV immediately after installing the mats. The reds were too pronounced. 

After the color adjustments were made, the picture was clearer than ever before. Blacks were blacker and flesh tones were far more accurate. I really liked the results.

Tomorrow, back allowing, I'm going to try placing the new mats inside the circuit breaker box and see what the effects are on the music system and the TV from that location. I have high hopes ... 

Stay tuned ...


PS: The onions froze in the vegetable drawer again, so another temperature adjustment is due there as well. 

And one more thing ... since installing The Gate and other PPT products, I'm getting the lowest electric bills since I move in here over 24 years ago. Amazing. Simply amazing.

+1 Frank. When Tim told me that the electric bill would decrease after a couple of months, and that I would have to turn up the thermostat in the refrigerator I thought it was just sales hype. I was wrong.
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One correction: In describing Omega single and Omega+ mats, I meant to say they are a bit more than 1/16" in thickness, not 1/8".

I am so impressed with the idea of these mats, which don’t need to be put into or onto a circuit. Omega mats don’t depend on any part of your system, cords or AC wiring. Rather, they work independently, without interfering or adding burden, requiring no tradeoffs. Using Omega mats doesn't force you to backtrack, change your system or decisions--your system remains as you intended. Omega mats work to allow your system to sound as it should.
With the new mats, the freezing vegetable phenomenon is prevalent. If you have a fish tank, check on your corals, the lights might bleach them.  About a 20% reduction in electric bills, that's on the patent :)  Super powerful! Timmy is smiling on us, fellas. <3 You have to try the new version! 
The last four months of electric bills:

July = $57.81
August = $36.56
September = $46.90
October = $32.22

Two people in the household & 1600 sq ft. Electric cooktop. No solar.

This is in Southern California with some of the highest taxes and energy rates in the nation.

You have to be codding me on those bills......

My lowest bill EVER here in Florida is about $180 in early spring or late Fall when I need neither the AC or heating.

admit it is a 2500 sq ft house with a pool and hot tub but still....
oh and no i do not need a new roof and insulation, got that start of the year.
Last months bill was $334.........

Ouch....that’s a crazy money for electric bill. Either your home needs new in-wall insulation or you listen to lot more music than Frank does...😀

My electric bill has gone down considerably over the last four months. The highest was January 2019 at $136.26.

The Gate was installed in April 2019 and the bills have steadily declined ever since.

The 73" TV is on from the time I get up, till the time I go to bed. I listen to music almost every night, and occasionally during the day.

I  don't use air conditioning, I use fans. And the insulation in my place sucks big time. *lol*

Unfortunately Florida is notoriously high for utility bills, hey we do not pay state tax on earnings so they have to make their money somewhere I guess!

What is your estimate of when The Double Omega E Mats will be available for purchase?

Also there was mention of a PPT "power strip", so I have been holding off on an "extension cord" type upgrade, as a power strip might one way to go. Can you provide any details and timeline about this potential product?


@docknow Emat+ are currently available for sale on the webpage, with a 50% off sale price on the original emat. <3 

The power strip/power conditioner  is a VERY interesting collaboration, I hope to have the first few available for sale in the beginning of 2020. Details to come. 

My Omega plus mat arrived a few hours ago and bless you Krissy for throwing in a pack of Stop-Its as well.
They are all in the outlets and the mat replaces the original one on top of my integrated.
We will see how it shakes out!

Thanks again Krissy.
I transferred the two new Omega + E-mats to the circuit breaker box this afternoon. Even more clarity in the TV now. I'll be warming up the audio system shortly and will report back with the results.

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We've made a lot of product. It's healing for me to be in his white room. Hey Kevin, I think you'll like the stop-it RCA caps too. <3 Enjoy <3 

where in FL are you? Im in Ft Lauderdale; home built in 1959, 2000sft, open beam ceilings (no attic= no insulation), I cook a lot (direct induction cook top and NuWav oven (both extreme efficiency), no pool or hot tub, but have to crank the ~ 30 year old air con during the summer when bill is highest @  ~ $260
North East Florida.
House built 1987, I would wager your 1959 house was actually of better construction.
At the mercy of Clay Electric which is a misnomer as they have no mercy!
One of the most expensive utilities in Florida unfortunately.
I did forget to add that we have a second granny house on the property that is tied into the main electric bill so more like our bill is 1.75 houses pushing 3500 sq ft total.
I moved the two new Omega + E-Mats into the circuit breaker box yesterday afternoon. Had a listening session last night and again this morning. All I can say is ... this is just freakin' nutz!

Just when you think all of the grunge has been wrung from the system, something new shows up to prove you wrong. Such purity. Such musicality. Just great.

Highly recommended.

And the clouds parted, the sun appeared, and rays of....rained down on the believers. They later discovered....... 😉

It'll be interesting to read the patents, if they pass muster. I have a feeling a couple companies will be calling to have a word, along with some gentlemen in expensive suits.
I think I will follow suit with placing the two new omega plus mats into the breaker box.
Remove the existing ones from there and place over and under my Ayre ex8.
Day three with two Omega+ mats on my CD player and the music has never sounded so clear, so dimensional.  New details are emerging yet again--after I thought I was hearing so deeply into the music, even more inner details are present. I've said before there seems to be no end to the improvements--I'm saying it again.     
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<3 Hey Joe, these mats need a little time to break in fully. Hold on tight, brother. You are in for a wicked ride. <3 Enjoy! <3 Krissy Mrock
Well I decided to stick with one plus mat in the breaker box( mine is a very old smaller box and one mat only leaves about 6 breakers not covered so works for me) and one plus on top of my integrated amp.
The older original I removed from the breaker box is now under my Nakamichi ZX-7 cassette deck as it gets a LOT of playtime.
Various other ecards scattered around under cd player, phono stage, SUT, R2R etc. All stopits in the wall sockets, likely need to buy about 10 more.
I sat down last night after the family movie of Ant Man and The Wasp for a serious listening session.
I played Two Against Nature by Steely Dan on cassette, ANYBODY who thinks this medium cannot do HIFI needs to come over for a listening session to this tape on my rig.
It was simply electric, best way I know to describe it, so alive and full of energy. It kept me rivetted until it was time to flip the tape over and do it all over again.
Hard to truly put into words the new effect but it is not subtle imho.
Nice,uber! I placed one on the breaker box and one under my Odyssey Candela pre. Have a card across the speaker cables right at the amp. Will let them settle in a bit and have a listening session later.
I have a mat coming soon for my hot rodded SONY WALKMAN CD PLAYER and my SONY PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE CASSETTE PLAYER, which is fabulous by the way. Giddy up!
The new Omega + E-Mat is no joke. Two in the circuit breaker box has a similar effect as The Gate. Not as much, but very effective indeed.

Last night's listening session was totally amazing. Here's a music recommendation. Its a compilation of various jazz cuts. It sounded spectacular last night ...

Cut ten ... Vibes, guitar, bass, drums ... in the room. The CD is worth the price of admission just for this one cut. The entire CD is really good.

Used to have a Sony Walkman CDP, sounded great for the cost.  It's going to like a mat. 
Will be seriously interesting to see if a mat can actually help a pure off the grid battery powered device?
Would open up a new world for some of the battery powered preamps out there like the Musical Surrounding Nova.

Keep us informed Geoff!
Someone had their Honey Bunches for breakfast, to associate with my statement! 😂
It may not be a joke, but I'm sure it's as colored as every other PPT product. At least this one shouldn't start a fire.
You keep telling yourself that, trying to delude yourself from the truth. A hearing test will probably show why you can't hear the problem. I've heard them all, except this revision, and the Pop Its.
Colored? Clarity is the word. PPT tweaks have allowed me to hear details in songs that were previously masked. An extended note, the tinkling of a background chime, whispers in a live recording....
Colored? Yes, the color black. As in a blacker background that clears away whatever haze my system has. Also jay, not nice to make malicious, unsubstantiated statements now is it.
Thx Jafreeman!

Just started another listening session as been out all day enjoying the most gorgeous 73 degree day here in NE Florida today.

Playing a tape I know well and the drums nearly knocked me out of my seat!
Great stuff indeed.
Hard to tell which is the largest contributer as I added the two plus mats and the stop it's all at the same time.
Just my opinion but ....
Jay23 should be treated the same as atdavid and just ignore them.
Do not make their day by giving response to any of their increasingly inane posts.

Old adage...... Do not feed the trolls.
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Don't underestimate the Stop  Its. I moved to a new place that had a lot more outlets. So I ordered more and when I put them in I heard the sound improve markedly. I decided to try an experiment ,after talking to Tim, and I ordered more and put them in a power strip and outlet extender and saw further improvements in tbe sound quality. I felt like these might be the best bang for the buck in the PPT product line....but now with the Omega Mat Plus and the cheaper Omega Mat that may not be the case anymore. All good though!
Colored? Clarity is the word. PPT tweaks have allowed me to hear details in songs that were previously masked. An extended note, the tinkling of a background chime, whispers in a live recording....
Colored? Yes, the color black. As in a blacker background that clears away whatever haze my system has. Also jay, not nice to make malicious, unsubstantiated statements now is it.
That is how you know it’s colored. You’re throwing out part of the music, making it easier to hear those details you didn’t hear before, that were always there. You can use an EQ and further color & roll off the highs & be amazed at the increase in depth you hear. That doesn’t make it any more accurate, only more colored. Psychoacoustics explains this very well:

Rooms do not have a black background. They all have their own individual sound. True black is the digital removal of all sound, including the room’s.

Just because you don’t understand the truth doesn’t make it malicious. The truth is educational. If you want to follow the ignorance is bliss path, it would be best to isolate yourself.
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No, Jay. You don't understand-
"At least this one shouldn't start a fire." Your words.
THAT'S what I was referring to. Your malicious, unsubstantiated, made up, BS statement. Pick any word you like for it, they all apply.
Understand, now? 
Also, on the contrary, I'm hearing all of the music and more.
Now I shall try to follow uber's advice and ignore you.