New pre-amplifier?

I ordered a new new pre-amplifier from a dealer and they’re going to send it to me directly from the manufacturer which is fine.

However, how do I know this isn’t a used component that was sent back to the factory for recertification and a technical review or even a repair on a defective return by a previous customer and then sent out as a new product. The dealer has title to the product I believe so the manufacturer is just accommodating and working very closely with the dealer. I know that used products are often sold with a full warranty if done through a dealer and represented as such, which is fine. I assume these types of things are not like a car that has a master repair history connected to it? If I buy a new product how am I assured it's a new product?

Dealers tend to use manufacturing sites to warehouse products waiting for shipment to a customer at times. It can be mysterious. one manufacturer was willing to send me new equipment without involvement of a dealer, which is fine with me but certainly the dealers would have a problem with this.



@yyzsantabarbara “When you get a computer laptop, server, etc from DELL for example. It comes from the assembly line in Mexico or maybe China. They do only rudimentary QA on that line (likely after final assembly.” That is not so. After completing machine and hand placement of components on the circuit boards, they undergo extensive in-circuit testing using HP or Genrad test equipment. Once final assembly is finished, the boxes are functionally tested and many go through operational cycling or even thermal cycling and are run through functional test a second time.

In the case, of DELL they want to make sure the machines that are returned do not come back again to them again. I think there is better testing on these refurbished machines than the new ones.

Of course, some returns are not because of failures but of configuration errors, such as the $24k server I mentioned. That one had a 32-bit OS installed and required a 64-bit one (or it may have been the Workstation laptop it got). Though these configuration errors seem to be not the majority issue on the DELL site.


You don’t , and what brand is it and price , when buying a preamp Never 

buy one with a  $20  Alps blue velvet look in your preamp ,

prima luna a perfect example $5k and you see a round Silver round can 

which is just 2 plastic wipers with a contact spray on the plastic 

youwant a resistive ladder, or relay which is night and day better l

Linear Tube Audio makes a excellent preamp that is built far better then most for under $6k.

Why, would a manufacturer risk their reputation in this day and age, when anything even remotely underhanded is reported all over the internet?

Perhaps, you should go to the factory, and watch them build the unit and package it up for you?

Companies that sell direct, have B-Stock listings specifically to deal with gear that either has some blemish, or, something that has been returned.

Dealers have B-Stock listings also.

What would possibly make you think that this would be some kind of action the company you’re buying from would do? Is there any evidence of this? If there is, why would you buy from them? If there isn’t, where is this paranoia coming from?