New Product RE: Denafrips 12th Anniversary Edition Digital-to-Digital Converter (DDC)

what is a DDC?

A DDC, or Digital-to-Digital Converter, is a device that takes a digital audio signal from one source and processes it to improve its quality or compatibility before sending it to another digital audio device. Unlike traditional digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that convert digital signals to analog for playback through speakers or headphones, a DDC primarily deals with digital signals and their various formats.

The Denafrips digital-to-digital converter (DDC) represents a device meticulously crafted to accept a digital audio signal in a specific digital connection, for example, USB, and subsequently convert it into an alternative digital audio outputs. This conversion process not only enhances the audio quality but also involves the application of advanced processing techniques.

Jitter Reduction: Jitter is a timing error that can occur in digital audio signals, which can affect the quality of sound. DENAFRIPS DDCs incorporate sophisticated FIFO Buffer Reclocking mechanisms (TXCO / OCXO), to reduce jitter, leading to a cleaner and more accurate signal transmission.

See denafrips-12th-annv-ddc link:


Nice ad.  Are you a dealer?  I’m a happy Iris owner, but still this seems a little dealer like. 

@soix, No, I a not a retailer.  I received an email from Denafrips and thought I would share it.  the above is FYI only.


From my above post, does it make any sense to use a Digital-to-Digital Converter? If I have a reasonable high quality DAC, do I really need another processing box, like a Digital-to-Digital Converter between my streamer, computer, etc. and my DAC? I guess I am really asking why would I need a Digital-to-Digital Converter?

Has anyone purchased a Digital-to-Digital Converter and what were the sound quality improvements? Did the addition of a Digital-to-Digital Converter improve your sound quality to justify its addition to your system?

Does anyone have any comments from using a Digital-to-Digital Converter? What circumstances would indicate I need a digital to digital converter? Thanks  


I am pretty sure Denafrips has been producing DDCs for quite some time. So what is new about it?

@knock1, Thanks.  I never knew that.  Do you have any comments regarding using a digital to digital converter?   Thanks. 

Well, the difference after putting DDC between streamer and DAC was comparable to switching from Cambridge CXC and Denafrips AresII to Jay's CDT2 MK3 and Denafrips VenusII. Not quite but very similar.

Many of us use DDCs, a lot of them Denafrips Iris/Hermes DDCs. The benefit is most apparent when used with a modest streamer, some of that is that the DDC then allows I2S to be output to a DAC. I use a Bluesound Node 130 (with a LHY LPS), USB into a Denafrips Iris DDC, then I2S out to a Denafrips Pontus II DAC.

I won't go through every single SQ improvement, because in my system it improved every single part of the SQ of my streaming system; and allowed me to be happy using a modest system (and enjoy it immensely) while I save up for an Aurender/Innuous/Lumin streamer.

Will the DDC still be needed or useful once I install the new streamer? Possibly not, as others have suggested to me that it will not be necessary at that point....I'll let my ears tell me

After seeing Denafrips not using top quality Capacitors anymore 

having been into modding my equipment ,and having owned a Audio business I known internal parts quality well , they used to use the Excellent Swiss silmic caps, and Nichicon Gold from Japan , now just what they call OEM capacitors from China. The quality of the caps is paramount and effects sound as well as longevity. Other areas too are now being sourced in China , having owned their products they were good ,this new Trent is a red flag 🚩 for me.


When I had my Metrum Onyx I used a Kitsune edition DDC, as the coax input was the best.  I now have a Totaldac D1 core and the USB input is best.  The DDC is not needed.

I have pre 12th IRIS taking signal from mac mini to Pontus II and Toppong D90LE depending on mood, music and speaker set driving.  The Iris made a noticeable improvement in detail, soundstage and blackness between passages.  I thought it was worth the $500 usd. 

I have an Iris feeding i2S into my Musician Pegasus DAC, and the improvement was significant across the board.  As others mentioned, this may vary depending on individual system components.