New SACD player-replacing current setup

I am using a Cambridge 840c for CD and a Pioneer Elite DV79 DVD player in "audio only" mode for SACD's. The rest of the system is Amadeus turntable with Grado Reference Sonata, Van Alstine T8+ preamp, Bryston 4BSST amp, Vandersteen 3A sig speakers.
I am interested in one of the new Marantz SA line or one of the Teac Distinction players based on the price points of $3000 or less. Any experience with these would be appreciated. I am interested in expanding my SACD collection and continuing to get the most out of my CD library.
I can vote in favor of the Marantz SA line. I use an SA8004 in my main system (and a Cambridge blue ray 651 in my HT set up). I've compared the Marantz and the Cambridge in my main system and the Marantz just seems more musical. I've upgraded everything in my main system over the past two years (except the B&K ref 220.2 amp which is next.) The Marantz has kept up with all of my upgrades--I heard improvements each step and don't feel the Marantz was ever the weak link. My system is the Marantz, a Nuforce mcp 18 preamp, the B&K amp, and Dali Mentor 6s. Nordost ICs and speaker cables. Never had the urge to upgrade the Marantz.
You could upgrade your CD/SACD player to something that sounds better. Looking at the rest of your system, though, your 3k could be put to better use. As it stands, your strongest component is your Model 3's, and your weakest is your preamp. With your budget, you should be able to find a good used Ayre K-5. That won't just give you better sound, it will transform your system. With an upgrade like that, your whole system will open up. You'll start to hear what your speakers are capable of. Also, you'll get more out of the cd players that you currently have.
Don't worry about your preamp- the van alstine is fine! For me, I would purchase the best marantz I could.
+1, Zd542.
I have the Ayre K-5 and it most definitely transformed my system entirely, bringing out the best in every other component.
van Alstine?
"....My system is the Marantz, a Nuforce mcp 18 preamp, the B&K amp, and Dali Mentor 6s. Nordost ICs and speaker cables...."
Fine isn't good enough. If you're going to spend the money, why not shoot for the best results possible, instead of just fine?
I have two Marantz players. The top of the line seven and the Sa11S1. Obviously I like the Marantz players. One thing I would advise if you get one of the older ones and maybe also for a new model, seriously consider upgrading the fuses. I did it to the 11 and the previous owner had already done it to the seven. It was one of best audio moves I've heard of. It really helped the sound. Their players are built very well and. like many others, I like the Marantz sound, especially with the upgraded fuses.
Thanks for all of the interesting and helpful responses. I will look for a Marantz with confidence. Concerning the preamp, I will probably eventually either ask Van Alstine to upgrade me to the newest top of the line tube preamp or should a De Havilland Ultravereve, Audible Illusions, SAS ... come up consider that as well. Thanks for the Ayre suggestion, I will also research this one. Does anyone know how the Ayre units compare to Klyne SS, Bryston BP26 or Pass units? Its a shame that so many purchases have to be made without proper auditions but I have not been unhappy with this type guidance so far.
I am delighted with the phono stage (current model) in the AVA T8+ and in general prefer on board phono stages due to limited cabinet space and wife acceptance...Thanks again to everyone.
I ended up getting the Marantz SA14 S1. Love the sound on SACD and CD. The whole system is sounding really great and I have no plans to make any other changes in the near future. Thanks for all of the input. 
I'm late to the thread. I see you got a Marantz. You really can't go wrong with any of the Marantz Reference players. I have a modified SA-7S1, and it's the best source I've ever had in my system (and I've owned some good ones, including EMM, Esoteric, Goldmund, Krell, etc.). Their Reference players pull off a magical balancing act of resolution, dynamics, and naturalness that is pretty hard to deny. Some people think they're overly warm, but I don't think that AT ALL.
I concur, the Marantz is an excellent entry to SACD. Additionally, I like Esoteric spinners for SACD duty as well.