New Sonus Faber Flagship Speaker?

I heard there was a new flagship speaker for Sonus Faber. Does anyone know anything about this? I have the Strads and think they are great. I feel no need to upgrade at the moment...if I did so, I think only potential upgrade for me would probably be Alexandria 2s or Rockport Arrakis or Hyperion.

Would appreciate any information on the new Sonus Faber flagship, if the rumor is true!!!

(Separately, has anyone heard the anniversary edition of the Strad (which is beige, is internally wired with silver and uses a different material for speaker cap?). Thanks!!!
Here is the info from the website;

Homage Palladio L.E.

In observance of the 500th anniversary of the birth of legendary architect Andrea Palladio, Sonus Faber has created a unique Limited Edition of the prestigious Homage line. Cabinets are crafted from natural blonde maple, with fittings in silver and palladium, and a woofer phase plug shaped from genuine Vicenza stone.
So the Palladio edition of Homage series is that new flagship Sonus speaker Lloydelee21 asked for?

Of there is other Stradivari replacement announced?
Not the Palladio Strad. Someone said it would be a new speaker...possibly with another driver, maybe taller? Thanks!
From my understanding, Palladio are similar to stock Homage but with more closely matched drivers and of course the white finish. They are very limited in quantity, almost all sold out last time I checked with Sumiko.

I own a pair of Guarneri in that finish w/o the Palladio badge, it was one of the 5 pair made w/o the Palladio badge but rest is the same including highly matched drivers.
Does it sound different in any way from guarneri anniversario? I understand silver wiring is used possibly different clarity? Thanks!
It's not Palladio. It seems it s a new flagship. I have received information from SF that they are preparing for next CES.
---> Semi,
where you got the information about more closely matched drivers in Palladio speakers?
Sonus Faber customer service do not confirm information about any technical differences between standard Homage and Palladio includiong the drivers and internal wiring.
Wow...a new flagship. Sounds great! Thanks...pls post if u hear any more about it!