New to the black plates- looking for TT at 3K

Hi All,

JUst to give the general picture :
I just started to build my system from scratch,well almost...The JBL L300 are here to stay .
I sold my all my sources and amp(Transport,DAC and my old Thorense 160).
My Amps are almost done - based on 211 tube to 845 power.
I heard some DACS but i decided theres many options and i understand it will be better to wait till 2011 for new DAC.
So i decided to take dust out of my vinyls collection.

My budget stands about 3k$ - Inlcuding eveything(exculding phonostage which i take it for it later).
I assume i can get better tt for this money in the second hand market but not sure which one .

I really loved Michell's design but heard there are more audiophile at the same price rate.

Looking for good TT that can play all around music with charms but still accurate and dynamic (can i exepct it to sound at least as very good CD?)

I would really look at getting a used VPI classic and go for an Adcom GSP-565...the Classic is upgradable stable and built well. It should serve very well for many yrs to come.The Adcom while not very esoteric, it's Phono section is still excellent compared to much of the newer competition and built to last.
A Well Tempered Amadeus will set you back about $2850 new. It includes a phenomenal tonearm. One sold on Audiogon a while back at a price that would allow you to get both the Amadeus and any of several very good cartridges selling new for well under $1000. Then you go after the phono section you want and you will be lovin' those black plates real soon. And I highly recommend you consider acquiring a record-cleaning machine to get the most those black plates have to offer! Such a vinyl system will sound far better than digital IMHO and in the opinion of many others on this forum. Whether vinyl sounds as good as CD or not, or better than CDs as I believe it does has been debated ad nauseum here and elsewhere. But what really matters is the listening satisfaction we each experience from our music systems, analog, digital, or both. Good luck and happy listening!
I would choose a 2. Hand Basis Turntable. Later some upgrades and always listening to a good designed no-nonsens unit.
A Rega Arm at the beginning with a rewired Arm Cable inside (Incognito for example) and you are ready to go at a level others will never reach.
The VPI classic is a no brainer choice, pretty much set and forget and sounds great. A Sota Sapphire would be a good choice in a suspended table or a used Sota Star so you could get a vacuum platter. A very nice used choice would be a Oracle Delphi MkV. They are not hard to set up for anyone that can read, look great and sound even better. You should be able to pick one up for 2k with a decent arm. There are often Basis tables for sale in your price range which are excellent. There may be others in your country, as some tables are more popular in certain areas.

For arms, the sme309, Jelco 750, rega RB300 and roksan tabriz are likely to be found on tables in your range.
The only problem with the VPI classic is that like my SOTA, it weighs a ton and is hard to move around. For the same price or lower I would recommend a used Linn or the newer AR table with the stock arm or no arm so u can mount the arm of your choice. These are much more portable and easier to move around sound great and best of all cost less. PS For the best sounding used arm I would recommmend a tangent tracking arm. My favorite is the souther sla 3 and the clearaudio version which is also excellent. They will sound better than the pivoted arms. Shay
If you are looking for something compact, try a Townshend Rock 3. this is a very compact turntable, heavier than it looks with superb sound quality and can be purchased used with arm and decent cartridge for well under your budget.
I also recommend a VPI Classic..nothing else is that good for that money with such valuable manufacturer's support.