New West Records Black Friday Sale starts today

Just bought a few titles from New West.  Some excellent prices.


Wanted to share the sale:



You're welcome.   I bought some vinyl from John Hiatt, Richard Thompson and Steve Earle.

Just found additional LPs from The Wallflowers and Buddy Miller.  A couple of cassettes too.

Thanks Man! Just ordered three John Hiatt albums.  Fantastic prices plus a 15% discount - woo hoo!

@rdk777...thanks for the reminder!

Sorry forgot to mention that if you sign up for their newsletter, you get an instant 15% off coupon on your order.

(Their shipping is a litle high, but the deals and the extra 15% off more than make up for it.)

@mofimadness , love the label, thanks for the headsup on their sale. FYI their Live from Austin albums are very good. Enjoy the music                      

Mofimadness, thanks very much for posting this- I bought a lot of cds and lps!