Next Best Upgrade for Tidal MQA?

I’m trying to decide what my next best upgrade is going to be to improve my streaming music quality (predominantly Tidal, and Tidal MQA, when available).

Current setup:
Custom Deep Sea Sound 18” subs (2)
Marantz SR7012 AVR
Bluesound Node 2i
MyTek Liberty DAC
Parasound A21+

I’m wondering if I’ll get a bigger jump from inserting a Parasound JC2 BP as a pre-amp or replacing the DAC/Streamer with a MyTek Brooklyn Bridge? Or is there something else out there in the $2500-4000 range that will help make a significant jump?

Help and thoughts appreciated!

@bruxesq I've not used a MiniDSP but I believe you could put one in between your receiver and Parasound amp. It will digitize the incoming analog signal from your pre-outs, perform DIRAC processing to correct the room issues, then spit out an analog signal to your Parasound. That will give you room correction for your stereo speakers. I have heard Dirac can bring great results but have never tried it myself. Personally I have experience with RoomPerfect since I own a Lyngdorf amp, and it brings very, very positive results.

As far as physical room treatments, they are a 100% no go, not only from my wife but also from me. I don't want panels all over my living space. Instead, we have two bookshelves loaded with books, which I have intentionally staggered their depths and therefore created both a diffuser and absorber, since the soft books help absorb some sound and the harder ones at various depths/angles help deflect it. Something like that might be a living room friendly option for you. Either way, I still say room correction software is the way you want to go.

I think you're right about the configuration, but would you expect DIRAC to be that much better than Audyssey XT 32?  That's what the Marantz includes, which I believe is (or at least was) the highest level of Audyssey.

That being said, miniDSP's are cheap...

I agree on physical room treatments.  The only ones I would consider is back reflections on the back wall behind the speakers, if they were not obtrusive.  The heavy curtains on the one adjacent wall should be good for absorption, other than that, the space is open for 40 feet in each direction - perhaps that isn't all that bad acoustically-speaking, other than needing to have the oomph to fill the space.
@bruxesq Again with my caveat that I haven't tried Dirac, everything I've read claims that Dirac and RoomPerfect are in another galaxy versus Audyssey. I've used regular Audyssey and it definitely doesn't compare in any way with RoomPerfect, but no experience with XT 32. But as you said, the MiniDSPs are cheap so if I was in your shoes I'd give it a shot to find out. If nothing else, it'll be a fun and informative experiment.

Back wall (technically called front wall) is exactly how I've done it. I have built-in bookshelves sunk into the wall behind my speakers and they help a ton with the acoustics AND aesthetics of the space.
I agree with the posts that are telling you to get a dedicated preamp, that should be your first priority before anything else is done.