Next Gen of Low Powered SS amps.

Looking for feedback / comparisons on the next iteration of the low power SS power amps. Valvet e3, Bakoon/Enleum 23r, FW .. and any other you can think of. 

Any comparisons against prior versions or one another much appreciated !

Was always interested in the earlier gens but never pulled the trigger.

Running a pair of Tannoy GRFs with the rockna stack and LTA pre/UL combo. Also have a CODA csib. 

Cheers !


At a average music listening, crescendos, and cymbal crashes, kick drum slam, you will need a couple hundred watts, I've had low power amps, receivers in the past, I will never  go below 250+ again,....ever!


 The amp will clip, and you will lose a tweeter.

my experience past 35+ years

I don't think he is talking about receivers, a low powered amp with a good power supply can sound fantastic.