no audio with applications when in game

I've been having this issue for months, my pc audio is fine, when i open a game i get the game audio fine but all other audio does not work this is with chrome, discord, etc... now if the audio is on when i open a game e.g. youtube, it works fine till i pause and try to replay

I can fix it but only temporarily by opening my sound and enabling/disabling (depending if it is already on or off) my TV or monitor audio, even though if i enable the sound returns though my headset and not the TV/monitor

Note: I use a headset and have a TV as a second monitor, even though i may enable the sound on my tv/monitor the game sound continues to play, and chrome/discord returns though my headset and not my TV.

sound muting after play if game is open is not limited to youtube or discord its with everything e.g. twitch, other video sites, anime sites, movies sites etc, all audio beginning to play after a game is open, is muted but can return by doing the above with my sound...

need help its so  annoying

if you dont know please upvote the post so i can get some help please!