Node 2i and $1k DAC or Cambridge CXN V2?

Yes, weird question but here is the situation.

For a year or so I had a Node 2i and used a Topping D50 DAC in my main system. I upgraded that system and moved the Node/Topping to a living room setup. I "upgraded" to an iFi Zen Stream and Schiit Modius.......

The iFi is trash, like literally, my second unit, and still has issues and is going back to the retailer. Now thinking about what I want to do for around $1k. I could move the Node 2i from the living room and put a simple Bluetooth adapter on that living room system since it’s only used for wireless audio and then spend $1k on a new DAC OR I can spend $1k on a unit like the Cambridge CXN and use the onboard DAC (and sell the modius) or use the Modius with it.

I don’t want a Pi based setup, I don’t use windows computers to set my own up and I don’t want to deal with any issues.

If using an external DAC will I notice the lower build quality issues of the Node 2i (power supply etc)? I like the idea of the Cambridge unit with the screen and the modwright upgrades in the future but is $1k better spent on a DAC? I think the under $1k DAC market though is kind of a waste of money, I’ve personally never heard a $900 DAC that was much better than a $300 DAC but I could be wrong (and quite often am) ;)

edit: I use Roon & Qobuz, so software of the streamers doesn't really matter to me. 
You're right.....

I ordered the Cambridge unit and will try it against my Node 2i with modius to see how I like it.  If they sound comparable then I'll get a better DAC and try that too.
Can not speak for the Cambridge CXN V2 but I’m sure it’s a fine player for the money. I do own a 851C and for several years I used its DAC over the DAC in my BS Vault 2. I’d be surprised if the DAC section in the CXN V2 surpasses the 851C, but I can tell you, to my ears, my RME ADI 2fs DAC is much better than the DAC in the 851C which is very good mind you.
No idea if the streamer part of the Cambridge is better over the Bluesound Node 2i, but I suspect it is, as it should be for the cost difference. When I compare CD’s I have ripped to the Vault 2 to Tidal or Qobuz, the ripped or CD clearly sound better which has me looking at upgrading to others streamers; that being said, if I was not using the RME/Pardo, the difference is not noticeable when using the DAC in the BS.
As mentioned by others it’s all subjective to your ears and system. You mention the ModWright mod to the Cambridge but that’s adding another $1,500 to the cost of the Cambridge, and maybe it’s a great upgrade, that I don’t know but the cost of the Cambridge/ModWright is pushing you over $2,500 I think. For $2,500 I’d probably think hard at keeping the Node and buy a higher end DAC. As mentioned by many in a lot of post elsewhere, I agree the DAC makes more of a difference over the streamer, and spending more money on a streamer will make no difference if the DAC can’t back it up. 
This one?
Yeah that one.  If you take away one thing from this thread, please let it be don’t get your higher-end audio advice from some hack on YouTube, because IME and as a reviewer myself, the vast majority of YT reviewers are just that — hacks with little actual knowledge purely fishing for eyeballs and $$$.  Here’s a review from someone who actually knows what they’re doing and puts this DAC in perspective versus other quality DACs.  Plus, if you read actual feedback from true audiophiles who’ve purchased this DAC they’re universally thrilled with its performance, especially for the price.  Or you can go by some hack on YouTube and buy something he recommends.  Good luck with that.  Your call dude.  Best of luck either way.
I don’t go off of reviewers thoughts on how something sounds but the whole experience he had was enough to scare me off. 
The fact they were giving him one for free for the review tells me enough.  
I have the older Node and the Cambridge.  I think the DAC in the Cambridge is very good.  The newer Node improved its DAC but I think you probably have the older version, if I understand your post.  The Cambridge has Chromecast which blows away Bluetooth or AirPlay, but you need a source (I.e., no Apple).