Node 2i performance suggestions pls

Looking for Tips/Tweaks to max out Node 2i performance for a newbie. ISO, cabling, settings, et al. Thx All
If you add an external DAC it had better be a good one as there really have been a lot of users who report that the internal DAC is not bad at all.
Pretty sure there is another thread similar to this already running - assuming you have good quality interconnects that mate well with your amp/preamp I would look at upgrading the Ethernet cable running to your Node 2i. 

I found that upgrading the power cable was hardly any better if at all but moving to thicker gauge and better shielded CAT8 cable made an appreciable difference in my system.

Adding a good quality network switch would be the other thing I'd look at - in other words start with your Modem and work your way to the Node first then worry about the rest.
I have a node 2i and am happy with it, the only improvement I've made is add a turntable, phonostage, tonearm and cartridge.  Biggest improvement over digital I could imagine.