Noise from preamp

I own a audible illusions m3a preamp original 1996 unit.Im getting a very loud crackling and popping sound from each speaker.The right channel has a noisy volume control I’ve cleaned it it comes back but it’s in the left channel to.Could this be a tube or tube going south?Any info would be appreciated.
Clean the mute push button switch real well.  That caused the exact problem in mine that you are having in yours.
Pick up some gold lion 6922 and it will probably be quiet....   cj pre amps that use the 6922 are tough on them and lesser tubes will get noisy in just a few months.   

The Russian 6H23n eb is a great tube thats rugged too but tough to find and overpriced in my opinion.   The Gold Lion 6922 is super rugged and sounds great in my opinion