Noise isolation headphones

Hi I'm looking for a set of noise isolation headphones for music. All the noise isolation headphones I could find are monitoring/pro audio and wondering how they work for just listening at home.. I’m hoping someone can recommend a pair to me or maybe someone out there knows of an audiophile type headphone that has good noise isolation 30 db or better. Noise cancellation headphones don’t work for me, I have problems with certain kinds of noise due to neurosurgery. Budget is $250 or less. Thanks in advance.


Would you consider in-ear-monitors?  They aren't "noise cancelling" per se, but the noise isolation on some of the Shure models it outstanding, especially with the yellow foam tips.

Other IEM's can also be adapted to use different types of noise isolating tips as well, usually after market.

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I've found Sennheiser HD25-I to be very good.

Have added the Uber Mod from Custom Cans in the UK.

Added a better cable and Yaxi pads.

I've bought six pairs (children, wife, brother), as they are also excellent for portable use.

I bought these Sennheisers for my wife to work from home during the pandemic and they perform very well...

 These Sony ‘phones are also highly regarded for both their sound and noise cancellation...

Hope this helps, and best of luck.