Noob jumper questions...

I'm trying to hook up new speaker cables to my (biwirable) B&Ws. I am not biwiring them.

The spade is so thick that the only way to attach it is to remove the stock B&W jumper plate. I'd use the bananas that the cables came with, but they make the heavy cables stick straight out the speakers' back side, meaning the speakers would need to be moved out a few more inches to accomodate them, making me nervous that someone would bump into them. I'd also be concerned about stress on the cables and the posts.

I've read that stock jumper plates are junk, but I seriously doubt I'd notice a huge difference if i replaced them. My system (will be) comprised entirely of an Arcam Solo (CD) and an iPod. I don't even have many CDs, so the main source will be the iPod, stocked with songs with a wide variety of bitrates. Not exactly audiophile quality stuff.

So, a couple of questions...

1. Is it absolutely neccessary to use a jumper if not biwiring?

2. If I must use a jumper, can I just cut a bit of my old (relatively heavy) Monster wire and thread it through the holes like a normal bare-wire connection?

3. If I do use the old Monster wire, would this be considered a sonic upgrade to the gold plated brass plate?


1.Yes. The speakers performance will likely diminish (they will not sound great.)

2.Yes. Just make sure you get all the copper threads into the hole.

You can support the main cable with the use of black plastic ties used by A/V installers. My Vienna Acoustic Hadyns use DH Labs Q10 which sticks out 4". The Q10 (which is not as bulky as Mambas) are then tied to the speaker stand so it does not stress the binding posts.

Analysis Plus jumpers stick out 6" on my Helicon300s. At first it was a little odd but the jumpers are cool looking.
I would use the bananas, supported by ties. If the speakers are that unstable, you need to find a better way to support them. They will likely sound better the further you pull them out into the room.
Thanks folks. I wish I had room to move the speakers out...I'm in a tiny apt. I actually tried the bananas. Using the tip I read here of placing the positive on high and the neg on low makes them not stick out quite as far, and they seem pretty stable.

Side note. It's a funny thing when you get 2 new items on the same day. I got the aforementioned new speaker cables, which replaced 2x6' lengths of 19 year old Monster wire, and an Arcam Solo, which replaced my Cambridge Audio 340A. The sound is much fuller and nicer all around. I just wonder how much of what I'm hearing is the Solo, and how much is the cable! I see now it would probably have been more interesting to replace the old with the new incrementally, as to fully appreciate the changes.
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Probably, and it's cheap to do the test and find out for yourself.