Nordost Valhalla Question

Anybody out there make the leap from the Quaatro-fil and SPM Reference combo to the Valhallas
Heard it at a friend's system that I am very familiar with.
No down side, fuller in the lower mids, took away a bit of
silveriness and added some color and weight.
Allow lots of break in.
acuujim: i was all set to try out a pair of valhalla ic's 'til i read the instruction sheet. i mean, can you imagine puttin' the cable you're about to replace into a tiny boat, setting it afire, and launching it, sails set, into the fjord? first off, i drive a bmw; haven't had an available fjord for years. -kelly
You might consider Acoustic Zen. I switched from Quattro Fil/SPM and found the Zen all around better for 1/4 the price.
I heard a comparison once of most of the line of Nordost cables, in increasing order of expense. I own and very much Quattrofil, so I am familier with their sound. Valhalla, at least in that demo, was fantastic, unbelievable fast and natural and lifelike. I would rank it as a good VALUE at it's absurdly high price (if you accept the value of other popular high end cables....).
when i switched to all valhalla interconnects in my system i had one run of quattro fil that i compared it to; the valhalla was better in every way....more open, faster, better macro and micro-dynamics, and quieter. the best surprise was that the valhalla had more body and richer mids. so far...the best interconnects i have heard.
I have put the Vahalla up against every cable that I have been able to get my hands on and it is amazing. There are other very good pricey cables on the market and some for alot more than the Vahalla. The interconnects are not so outlandish - - the Audio magic Clarevoyant are just as much and also outstanding - - the speaker cables seem very high until you consider the Transparent Opus at $23,000 for an 8 foot pair. If you can afford the Vahalla's you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for some balanced Vahalla I may be taking in 2 sets from a customer who is going from separates to a Red Rose integrated amp should know in a day or two. I will also be taking in his bi wired speaker cables because he is switching to the Khorus X that are single wired.
I've tried more high-end cables than I have had hot dinners--- now that I own the Vahallas,I must endorse all the above-- they are the best out there- period--I bought mine on AgoN used at well off list price and there are still good bargains available if you perserve.
Good listening,
Team212, could you summarize your experience in comparing Vahallas vs. other cables? Specifically, I am curious about the comparison against Audiotruth Diamonds or Amazons. If you could describe your system, that would help too. Thanks.
I own both Valhalla and NBS Statement 3, I prefer the NBS in my system.Ths NBS speaker cable is clearly preferable
to the Valhalla. More dynamic, natural and incredibly realism especially on vocals. Valhalla is still a superb cable , but the NBS is better.