Noticeable step up from my DH-75 Silver Sonic...

I'm looking for a noticeable step up from my DH-Labs DH-75 Silver Sonic digital cable... Any suggestions? $300, maybe a little more... Amp is NAD326Bee, Speakers are Psb B6 and interconnects and speaker cables are all Morrow... MA-4's and SP-4's... Any opinions?
Also, my Cambridge Audio sound dock has XLR output as well as rca coaxial... Should I use the XLR output instead of my rca coaxial to go to my Bifrost Dac coaxial input for my digital? I don't know if I would gain anything by going from XLR out to rca in, so that's why I'm asking here... Any help is always appreciated...
All you can do is try a few cables that you can audition for thirty days and return if they don't compliment your system.XLR cables are for avoiding problems with EMI and RFI.If there's an RCA connection at one end that defeats the purpose.If you like the sound of silver cables AudioMagic Xtreme are nice.Copper cables would be mellower,just depends on your taste.Best of luck in your search!
To answer your question about the XLR connectors, I wouldn't worry about it unless you have fully balanced equipment. Stay with rca.

To answer your question about cables, I don't think its a smart move. Your DH75 is overkill for your equipment. Not only that, just setting a $300 budget is foolish. Go by sound quality, not price. Look at your system in context. Do you really think a $300 digital IC is a better move than upgrading an active component that will have a much bigger effect on sound quality? You're only going to get so much out of your NAD. I would start there. Your amp allows you to jump the amp and preamp sections externally using rca jumpers. I say put the money towards a better preamp and plug it directly into the amp section of you NAD. I don't care how expensive the cables are, theres no way they will make a bigger difference than upgrading an active component.
Agree with Zd542, the DH-75 gets good reviews, and should work well in your system. Also, digital XLR is 110 ohm and digital RCA is 75 ohm. I’ve seen digital cables with XLR on one end and RCA on the other, but that just makes no sense as it would seem to result in a mismatch of impedance.

When it comes to cables, patience is a virtue. Too many people get caught up in spending more than they should, when upgrading a component makes better sense. Cables do make a difference, but sometimes it’s only that, different, not really an upgrade, but we think it is because the cable was more expensive. Some years ago, I rolled speaker cables on a $5000 pair of speakers, and ended up using a $400 pair, just better overall sound than a $3000 pair from a well respected company. And not just me, several audiophile friends agreed.

Zd542 makes a good recommendation to upgrade the preamp, but if you don’t want to add another component, save the money, and later, just upgrade to a better integrated amp.

If you care to share, what does your system do well, and what needs improving?
As an upgrade for the dh-labs try the stereolab xv-ultra. Excellent digital cable and within your budget.
Check out

Not mentioned much, but been around for a long while, and a fantastic bang for the buck in my opinion.

Good luck!
Thanks for the gentle replies... I do agree with both of you... It does make more sense to do it that way, but I have no idea where to start as far as looking for a preamp... I will have to go used for sure but as far as what manufacturer, I'm lost... I guess I will start researching that by google and audiogon search... I also know that my whole system is only capable of so much but for now it will have to do... Believe me, someday it will be better... And again, thanks for your time and patience... I appreciate it...