NY Reunion

Anybody else have both the LP and CD/SACD of McCoy Tyner's "New York Reunion" and notice the R&L channels are reversed? On my CD Joe Henderson"s sax comes in on the right channel, and on the left on the LP. Both CD and LP are Cheskey. I've checked my Thorazine levels, and although subtherapeutic, close enough.
I have them both, and will check this evening. My Lithium levels are a little high, so right now I'm hearing "Page One" playing in my head. Hmmmmmmm, channel balance is a little off - nothing new there!
Hey Mes, they're the same on my system, Henderson on the right, Tyner on the left on "Recorda Me." You might want to check the polarity if your connections on the phono rig - headshell leads perhaps? Damn, that's a good recording! Thanks for prompting me to drag it out (the LP that is!) -John
Thanx for the reply, John. I've checked everything, I'll try again. Perhaps I had my head on backwards when I listened to the LP. I agree, it's an excellent LP. Mark
It's too bad Chesky didn't issue it as a double-LP, to include all of the songs present on the CD. But a great-sounding truncated LP is better than no LP at all, I say. And I BELIEVE that the polarities of my sytem are correct, but I could just be having one of those pesky flashbacks. -John
Sometimes, John, those pesky flashbacks are the highlight of my day. Look out! what the hell is that yellow/orange/violet, solid/vapor crustacean looking..... Mark
when you guys get off the dope can you give a review of the recording? i've been thinking about getting this sacd but wanted to hear what people thought of it first.


(is detlof sending you guys this stuff?)
My review: It's an awesome recording. Get it! No, no, don't wait! Go now! And no, Detlof is not Rxing me anything. I happily self-prescribe, thank you. What? You're still reading this? Go buy the CD!
No really, it's a great set with (I'm sure you know) Joe Henderson (his "Page One" is another jazz must-own), McCoy Tyner, Ron Carter on bass, and Al Foster on drums. You can tell that they're just lovin' playing together again. Very well recorded (albeit at a slightly lower level), and sounds even better on LP despite being from (presumably) a digital master and about half the length of the CD. -John
My reviewed is skewed in that I'v been a McCoy Tyner fan since the Coltrane days. This is, to me , kind of version 2 of "The Real McCoy", one of my favorite jazz recordings of all time. Joe Henderson is spectacular on both, makes me ALMOST not miss Trane's horn.The piano playing, it goes without saying, is impeccable, and name a better rythm section and I'll buy you a beer. It is recorded at a lower level than the LP, and is only about half the length. To me, the SACD is classic Cheskey sound, not as good as the LP, but a great SACD, sonics and particularly music. FWIW, Tony Overwaters "OP", on Turtle records, is another SACD keeper in my book. And as long as I'm on the box, The Erik Truffaz Quartet " The Mask" (Blue Note redbook), is easily one of the sonically best CD's I've ever heard( although it was recorded out of phase, so if you have a phase switch it sounds better OOP). Jazz trumpet, hard to classify, but a feeble attempt would be Mark Isham meets Bitches Brew.
I am sad to report that Joe Henderson died on Saturday 6/30/01 at age 64. He is one of my favortie tenor players. I recommend his State of the Tenor two volume series, which are live trio recordings.
Thanx for the update Drubin, I hadn't heard that. He was truly one of a handful of the greatest tenors. State of the Tenor is a classic.