odyssey kismet or sanders magtech?

looking for a last amp purchase. One i can get and enjoy for 20 years, and pass off to my son, when the time is right.

Looking at ONLY these 2 amps, heard great things, and negatives about both amps.

heard super things about the kismet mono's, their sound is amazing. haven't heard words like " thin, or threadbare, or sterile"

The magtech, which will be driving regular box speakers, i have read EVERY google link upon typing in magtech, or sanders, there are some reviews saying it sounds lifeless, or sterile, thin, no soul, etc etc. I highly doubt the magtech is thin, or sterile, when used with a good source/preamp/speakers.

now for the speakers: I don't want to hear "firewood, suck, cheap, garbage, amps too good for them etc etc "

I hate to do a build up, then everyone is " wow, those suck "
I auditioned many, many speakers, A LOT actually. the ones i really wanted were a bit out of reach ( for now) Dynaudio 380's, they were awe-inspiring to my ears.

So what did i settle on:? I settled on the Energy RC-70's - before you go nuts, I am saying for MY EARS, they were hands down the best I heard of all my listening auditions, not as smooth, as the DYnaudio's of course, but hands down, one of the best speakers I have ever heard. I loathe bright speakers, so the selection was somewhat narrower for me. if a speaker is bright, i leave the room, my ears hurt, and i get nervous feeling, anxious, I just really dislike brigt speakers. The Energy's are pure bliss to me, and they can also rock & roll with the best i have heard.

possibly the sanders preamp, not sure, as I am considering Parasound p-5, or maybe the NAD 165Bee. currently using my old onkyo p-308, emotive xpa=1 mono blocks, they are ok, but midrange and treble seem lost in the music, I also use a specially modded pair of cerwin vega D-9's. before you gasp and stop reading, they are completely redone, crossovers 100% rebuilt, air core, all ultra high quality capacitors, windings, etc etc, all midranges are in sealed enclosures, all internal wiring is high quality silver/copper wire. A special 138 oz. magnet on a aftermarket woofer, with thicker surround. they are as tight as can be, and can blow my door open when asked to. They are powered by my sunfire signature 600 W amp. The energy's are also powered by my sunfire. I have the emotive amps, unplugged, just sitting covered, as I feel the sunfire just sounds better, midrange, highs, are much more realistic/accurate from the sunfire.

I am also getting my old trusty B&K pro10 MC recapped, and cleaned very soon, so I can add that to the miix, as I am going to sell my onkyo p-308. as its a pain in the butt to get that one recapped/work on.

I use audio quest cables, and preamp to amp i use amplifier surgery rca cables, high quality copper with mundorf silver solder throughout.

so, I am hoping to get "honest" replies about either the odyssey kismet, or sanders mabgtech amps. and possible some remarks on if I should get the sanders pre as well, as this was the setup where some reviewers said it was soul less, or sterile in the sound.

all you fine gentlemen,ladies: I am looking forward to your replies. Thank you. Your expertise is appreciated in my decision process.
You want honest opinions about amps, but not honest opinions about speakers. Got it.

If you purchased your speakers based on listening experience, should you not do the same for your amps? Only you know what you like.
I can't listen to the odyssey.

Sanders has a 30 day trial, I will do that, as soon as cash is ready.

Anyone heard both, or can do recommendations on one or the other?

Publics opinions matter, they do sway one way or the other.

I just don't want to make a wrong decision.
You would do best to concentrate your efforts on one thread, not two.

As I mentioned on your other thread, you can easily do a trial of the Magtech with no risk. Let your ears decide. I can't speak to the Odessy.

That said, some of what you've heard about the Magtech is likely true. It may fall short of your expectations.

I would suggest broadening your search before settling on an amp. I just finished my own process after a couple of months of trials. I had five different options to sample. I was surprised at where I wound up.

I took final delivery today, in fact. Listening tonight, I'm glad I was careful in deciding. I couldn't be more pleased.