Odyssey Tempest pre-amp any good?

Anybody heard the Odyssey Tempest pre-amp? I just bought
a Odyssey Stratus amp (it rocks!) and Klaus called me last
night and said I should try his pre-amp also..(ya gotta love
the guy!) Any thoughts?
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I have multiple Odyssey Stratos versions...mono's, 3channel's, and stereo's. They all sound wonderfully musical. I haven't heard the Tempest, but my curiosity is way up (as well). If any Tempest owners can share their experiences, we'd all be appreciative.
Very nice together - I heard them at the HIFI show (NYC) a few weeks ago. Trying to find a way to unload my system and buy the Tempest & Stratus...
I own a pair of Odyssey monoblocks and heard the Tempest at the NY show. It is an excellent pre-amp for 895.00. I currently have a Stan Warren passive preamp I am very haapy with otherwise I would buy Klaus' preamp. By the way did anyone hear the Symphonic Line Legatos speakers that Klaus will start making in the fall. They were VERY GOOD. At 2500.00 per pair they will be a steal!! I loved the pearl white veneer on them.
Thanks for your help. BTW, Klaus also told me that
a remote would be available later this year, and he will
upgrade your Tempest for about $125 when it's available.
I think I'll try the pre-amp and will post my opinion.
I already bought a Stratos amp (120.000 uF.) and I just bought the Tempest but Klaus warned me about 10 weeks to have at home.
I'm crossing fingers Tempest will sound so well as Stratos does.
I have had the Odyssey mono's and Tempest for over 2 years and have been very happy with how they sound. I have SoundLab auras which came alive with this combo. The Auras produce more detail, are smoother overall and have a lot more bass with the Odysseys than with other combos I have tried.
I've used many pres, and have not heard a SS pre that was better sounding than the Odyssey Tempest. I replaced that pre only after buying an Audioprism Mantissa tube pre, and spending $600 extra for teflon cap upgrades and top line tubes (making it a pre costing around $1600 total). For the $500 I paid for the Tempest (on Audiogon), it was excellent. AND, it has a pretty good phono stage.
I'd like to revisit it sometime. It was one of my first preamps (a steal at around $400 used) and it sounded thin and sterile to me. I ran it with a SS multi-channel amp at the time, perhaps a bad match spec-wise, not sure.

I'm sure pairing it with an Odyssey amp or even tubed amp would be a nice fit. Regardless, I love Odyssey as a company and philosophy. I bet sales have seen a boost since all the props and exposure the Khartago got in TAS