Of which rituals is YOUR vinyl/music a part?

Ah yes, the question of life itself and what one does with it!

I've noticed since I have my TT set up, that vinyl encourages more attentive listening - much more so than any digital source (usually CD).
I surmise that more A'goners will have vinyl-listening playing a part in some of their habits - more so than A'goners who do not listen to vinyl (replies may show me wrong).

Actually, I have two questions:

1. the one stated in the topic heading
2. To what extent do you rotate the music selections you listen to?

My take:
1. When I stagger/stumble out of bed, I usually have some paper work awaiting me. Before distracted by other demands, I usually --once at desk-- listen to my TT over headphones (pretty invariably, classical). Depending on how the day/work progresses, I may continue with the same analog source and/or use digital over speakers. The day usually ends as it began. On the weekend I make a point of listening to choral works. Bach's Mass in B Minor and Mozart's Requiem in various renditions have been a weekend staple for some time now.
2. In a given day, I will not rotate between too many pieces. Generally, I may vary between genres and music styles a few times a year, but certainly nowhere near monthly - jazz often has a season, pop/other is sporadic but certainly present. For contrast: One of my most musically-knowledgable friends has a very large, judiciously assembled CD collection and claims to rarely listen to the same piece twice in any given year!

BTW, don't follow the above format if it doesn't suit you, just inform or entertain as you please - Fire away!
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Very true. Listening to classical recordings, I get nostalgia for a bygone era (a shrink would say I'm avoiding reality:)).

Vinyl for me is a strictly "listening to music" affair -- as if I were at a concert.
All the paraphernalia (cleaners, dusters, etc)are out and at easy reach. I usually have a listening programme which starts with a "kind" of music (concerto, jazz, etc). I locate the records and take out a few in the beginning. These records are added to the "active stack" i.e. LPs that are next to the TT (rather than on the shelves) and comprises newly purchased ones (I love to LOOK at them for some days, as well as LISTEN).
Clean the stylus (even if it's clean) AND I spin the vinyl.
Then I sit comfortably with a glass AND a bottle (so as to refill with minimum effort), and the session begins. For me this is an "interactive" experience: sometimes I speak to the musicians (or laugh, etc -- as in some of F Zappa's lyrics/speaches).

Anyone here ever been moved by reproduced MUSIC to the point of tears (but never dared mention it)?? Of course I don't mean when you can't get speaker positioning right...

OK, I know, this isn't a manly thing, but still :)
Viridian - Being an afficiando of eccentricity of sorts (in the fine English manner), the stranger the better indeed! I had never thought of mono Miles... I will (being utterly earnest!) now.

Hail Gregm! I imagine the complete animal (man or woman) does --unashamedly-- cry. Hot crocodile tears have welled up a few times, and come to think of it, I cannot put my finger on why, it was not a plangent wail, nor out of joy. Perhaps the reproduced music acted as an agent abetting cathartic hubristic resolution of various ruminations summoned from slumber by the act of listening itself. This reply would not be original but that is why I am worthy of being called lowly A'non only - and not the venerable Aristotle (Poetics).

Other worthy fellows - let's hear some of your thoughts and anecdotes, lest we weep at the wall of silence ;)
I'd copied Viridian's beautiful phrase on "musicians haunting(ing the)... living room..." -- but it doesn't appear in my post?!? That's what the "very true" refers to... sorry if part of my post didn't make sense.

Worthy Agonanon: "...cathartic hubristic..."! A spot of tragic irony there (in the Aristotelian sense, of course)? Cheers
I hold the record and look on the gatefold jacket with nice and large pictures let's say of Frank Zappa and think: "Why we even have a compact disks?"
BecauseĀ  with the cd player you dont have to turn that platter over in 20 mins...if you have a 5 disk player you can go for hours with ever doing a thing....that's why .