OHM A'S are they rare?

So to all of the great audio guys out there in Audiogon land, has anyone ever heard the OHM A'S and are they rare like I have been told? I ask this question because I have an opportunity to rescue a pair that has been sitting in a old home and was told that they may not work? Can they be saved from the garbage bin? And brought back to life, someone told me that they only made a handful of them, I don't know can someone please help me out. Need info.





Ohm As were rare, and any that still exist would need to be rebuilt in order to work.  Ohm Speakers no longer rebuilds either the A or F models (I owned a pair of Fs back in the 70s) though they will offer to replace the original drivers with their current drivers.  I believe Dale Harder (HHR Exotic Speakers) will rebuilt the original As and Fs back to their original design, but suspect that would be a pricey project.

Oh wow, thank you guy's for helping me understand what decision I should make and what way I should go.thank you