Ohm Walsh 2000 regrets

I need to downsize and I’m considering selling my Ohm Walsh 2000. Has anyone sold their Ohms and then later regretted it?  They were in my system for years and now I have Maggie 1.7 in the system. Like both, but need the space. Thanks


I sold Magnepans and older Ohms to move to newer model Ohm circa ~2008. .

Had the older Ohms since about ~ 1981. Picked up the Magnepans ~ 1986 and had both for years.

They are both unique but much different beasts. Everyone has different needs and preferences.




How are Maggie 1.7's a "downsize" from Ohm 2000s?  (Or did you mean you just moving from two pairs of speakers to one?) 

I had a pair of Maggie 1.6QRs for several years and really liked them, but they are far more picky about the room and positioning than the Ohms. Maggies also have a very small sweet spot. I have a pair of Ohm 1000s these days that I really enjoy because of their enormous sweet spot and flexibility in terms of placement. 

But, as noted by mapman, you are really talking apples and oranges in trying to compare the two. 

Just a need to reclaim floor space. They are very different as everyone points out, but I find both enjoyable. That’s the rub

True, very different in ways, but both can make some really good music! If you have to get rid of one, make a note of all of your priorities and go from there, and try not to get into a big hurry, otherwise, regrets can come along. Have fun!