old ears

I'm 73 years old.  I cannot hear anything above 11K kilohertz.  What speakers sould consider that will give me the best sound for under $3000?


Ditusa, I have Tannoy Revolution XT 6F speakers, driven by a 65 watt per channel Peachtree amp

One thing to consider is whether or not the objective of your system is to reproduce as closely as possible the sound you hear in live music: the (dare I say it?) absolute sound. For better or worse, we all hear live music with the same ears and same hearing acuity as we do reproduced music at home. So I'd say, just do some auditioning and pick the speakers that come closest to the live experience. Of course, I understand that's not what absolutely everyone is after.

Save some $!

BIC venturi, DV84 pair.

my cousin has tinnitus from 35+ years of circular saws, (carpenter)

He loves them, they have the highs, and the lows to help him hear the highs he has been missing.



I am 62 with virtually nothing over 13 kHz.

I have tried many speakers over the years and the best results, for my ears, come from soft dome tweeters.  Probably because they tend to have a litter extra shimmer up-top.

Best of luck in your search.