old ears

I'm 73 years old.  I cannot hear anything above 11K kilohertz.  What speakers sould consider that will give me the best sound for under $3000?


I submit that the maximum frequency you are able to hear is irrelevant when considering what speakers to buy.

Audition speakers for how good they sound to you, irrespective of frequency range.

+1 thecarpathian  On this level, it's about you and what you hear, not anyone else.

yep, as the others have said...

if you tell us about your room, your tastes, your system etc, we can suggest what to consider

Others above are right. Either that or check out the new 2-way from AARP.

Do you have zero hearing ability in the upper frequencies, or reduced hearing in those frequencies?
If you have reduced hearing like when the audiologist tells you you only hear 25% in that range then you are probably looking for a bump in those frequencies from your system.
Brightening your system can compensate and there are many ways to do it with speakers, components, cables, etc. It doesn’t only have to be new speakers with more treble output. There could be more cost effective solutions. You could try a super tweeter on top of the speakers you already own. Or you could add an EQ to your component stack and jack up the high frequencies. The EQ option might only cost a couple hundred dollars depending on what you choose.

The ultra low budget option, and I’m actually being serious here, are Ear Glasses. Google it. They work.


Consider used, and you can find something up to twice your budget.

My hearing is down @7Khz with tinnitus-your hearing is great!

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Of course you want to listen to everything you can. Loki is an inexpensive, noiseless equalizer from Schiit. If you already have passable speakers, you might try that first before investing a lot of money in a more radical solution. Another way to look at it is to maximize the range of frequencies you are able to hear to find the one most pleasing to you, without paying attention to what’s missing. I think it might be a trial and error process more than doing what an expert might tell you to do.

Others above are right. Either that or check out the new 2-way from AARP.

Hmmm. Good suggestion.

At 73, I'd steer clear of a 3 way...

Ditusa, I have Tannoy Revolution XT 6F speakers, driven by a 65 watt per channel Peachtree amp

One thing to consider is whether or not the objective of your system is to reproduce as closely as possible the sound you hear in live music: the (dare I say it?) absolute sound. For better or worse, we all hear live music with the same ears and same hearing acuity as we do reproduced music at home. So I'd say, just do some auditioning and pick the speakers that come closest to the live experience. Of course, I understand that's not what absolutely everyone is after.

Save some $!

BIC venturi, DV84 pair.

my cousin has tinnitus from 35+ years of circular saws, (carpenter)

He loves them, they have the highs, and the lows to help him hear the highs he has been missing.



I am 62 with virtually nothing over 13 kHz.

I have tried many speakers over the years and the best results, for my ears, come from soft dome tweeters.  Probably because they tend to have a litter extra shimmer up-top.

Best of luck in your search.


You have nice speakers if you like them keep them. Maybe try something like a Schiit Lokius or a Loki Max. If you don't like it return it.