Older Tuners, esp. Sansui

I am interested in hearing your experience and thoughts on older tuners in stock form and then in modified form and the comparison with new(er) tuners.  

I had owned the Sansui 717 719 and a few others of that age group, Kenwoods.  I have also owned newer tuners from Fanfare and Magnum Dynalab, including the 108.  From my experience the 719 with newer caps and aligned was good, the MD-108 was great, the Etude o.k. but the op-amp for the audio amplification was a weakness.  Right now I have downsized (what a current "trendy"word) to the Magnum 208 receiver ..which I find strangely satisfying.  I did have a top 80's Sony that I do not remember the model, but the sound was great.  The "tuner thing" has been much a part of my life because of living in a few areas that had great college stations playing non-compressed Jazz and Classical music.  Although it is hard beat the signal seeking radio my parents had in their '52 Packard (a childhood memory that will go to the grave with me)  My Dad drove many great Packards....and I loved their politically incorrect slogan "Ask The Man Who Owns One"....not gonna use that slogan today.

I have a vintage Hardom Kardon  Tube Tuner,really cool looking with the copper base and front panel. 
Sansui built amazing tuners.  Older marantz also made good tuners.
I see no reason not to search for something late sixties early seventies  and enjoy it.
I too listen to jazz here in Chicago played from a local college which is fantastic for introducing me to new finds almost daily.

Currently enjoying my 1970 marantz 24 preamp/tuner.  It’s surprisingly good, and my absolute favorite sounding marantz preamp.