OLIVE sucks...

...that just about sums up my experience with them.
I like olives. Green olives, black olives and especially those mushy brown/purple ones with pits. I ate plenty of those when on the island of Crete.
Miner42...you're preaching to the choir. There are many threads on here, (most by me or many of my replies).

Olive Audio is the biggest piece of shit company to ever degrade the audio industry...period.
I wish more threads started like this...more entertaining. But details would be appreciated.
I have covered this in a previous post. I had an O4HD bite the dust after 2 yrs of minimal use. I bought directly from OLIVE. Sent to Olive for repair. They could not repair because they no longer have the part - a motherboard - but they sure wanted to sell me on their one and only unit; namely titled the ONE. I can honestly say I had less than 50 hrs use on this POS low-quality audio junk.
I like'm too. I had a trip to Israel and they're free with any meal you purchase. I like them with pits different colors big and small -- more better. They're super good there as nowhere else.
I currently own the 04HD for the past several years with no problems. But my concern if it should fail there is no where it can be repaired. I believe the Olive saves the music and metadata in it's own format so I would need to rip my cds again.

So I'm looking for a new music server that can rip cds and hold at least 1 TB of music. Most of my digital music is ripped cds and some ripped from dvds with a few hirez downloads. I have an outboard dac so I'm not concerned about the quality of the dac in the server.

I have read that sound quality from music servers with cd rippers are not all the same. My budget is $3k whether new or used. Any recommendations are highly appreciated.

Bryston BDP-1/2 with a computer and dB Poweramp. You can have any size drive connected to the Bryston via USB.

The CDs I have ripped with this system sound better than any stand alone CD player I have ever owned. Made some of my first pressing 80's CDs actually listenable.