Omega Super 3 or Axiom M22Ti on Sonic Impact T-Amp

Hi all,

I'm taking my first baby step to become like one of you! ;) I'm coming from a pretty bad sounding (IMO) 15 years old Kenwood Rack System. I already bought the Sonic Impact T-Amp after reading sixmoon's review (actually 2... one for spare in case modding doesn't go too well!) ;) I've tried the speakers from the Kenwood rack system and the little T-Amp does give me some surprises. It really is clear, pretty detailed and have a WIDE soundstage compared to the amp in the rack system. I believe the problem is the Kenwood speaker - it is somewhat muffled and the bass isn't accurate and tight, so this is what brought me here. I want some advise on the above speakers to go with the T-Amp. (I'm also open to other suggestions - but let's set a budget of $600 for a pair of speakers)

The source will probably be my CD collection in Monkey's Audio format (a lossless compression format) that's stored in my quiet harddrive playing back via the Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 soundcard with onboard 24-bit 192kHz D/A converter, 106dB dynamic range and a pretty flat frequency response across the whole frequency spectrum. I might use the 2nd soundcard (Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS 7.1) on my computer to play some DVD-Audio disc - but I do not own any DVD-Audio at this moment. The speakers will be in a small to medium size room.

I wish to find out how those two speakers compared to each others (if they can be compared) and what characteristics do they have. Also do these speaker do well in the Home Theater area (since I didn't read much about this area - but that's not my primary concern at this moment) Thank you in advance for reading my lengthy post and for any responses that you may have. :)


I haven't heard either speaker. However, I currently own the Clari-T amp, based on the same chip, and two pairs of speakers that are exceptional with it.

Get the Omega 3's. Here's why - What's great about this amp is a combination of a) the amp; and b) what speakers it allows you to use with it. The Axioms say minimum amp power of 10 watts. Why? Not so efficient. Those crossovers eat a lot of power. The Omegas will thrive on the 6 watts. I have a homebrew set of Fostexes that has changed my entire thought paradigm related to amp/speaker combinations.

The Omegas have no crossovers. This is especially great through the midband. They will Astound you with their immediacy and intimacy. Their speed with strings, voices, and drums will change your audio perspective for good. I guarantee it.

If you get the Axioms, you'll say "they're nice together, for my bedroom system" and that will be it.

You choose.
Thanks Miklorsmith,

I guess for $100 more, I'll go with the Omega Super 3 (standard version) I was leaning toward the Super 3 because of the sixmoons reviews anyway, but I thank you for reassuring that that is the right direction to go.

I noticed that on another post that you've made, you said that your Fostex 206E aren't perfect. Can you tell me what is it that's lacking so I know what to expect from the Super 3 with the smaller FE127E driver. I know that it lacks the low low end which can be supplemented by adding a good Sub.

Also, if I'm not asking too much, if I buy the driver(s) and build my own speakers, will it sound just as good? (Please note that I know nothing about speaker design and building - but have the willingness to learn) ;) I probably will be buying the Super 3 anyway, but for my knowledge, If you can, point me to some resources for good speaker building, that would be helpful. :)

Thanks once again for your help.


I used the TNT audio "Big Fun Box" as the baseline and added every tweak I could find. They are good enough that I couldn't stand listening to my Gallos anymore and sold them immediately.

These are weakest in blazing guitar music, which I don't listen to a lot, but I don't want it crossed off the list either. They'll play it, but the 206 has a mid/treble rise that is highlighted with this type of music. Just about anything else ranges from good to spectacular, depending on material. For instance, I've Never heard female vocals sound so good (aside from my Druids :).

To build these would be fairly inexpensive as far as dollars, but costly in time. To build just the boxes and bolt the drivers in, a la BFB is simple, but to get the most out of them, you'll need some tweaking. Probably a fair amount.

Considering all this, plus the fact that your ultimate product will likely be UGLY (mine sure is), the Omegas are a downright bargain. You'll love the Super 3's, which I believe are better in transient speed (seems impossible) than the bigger drivers. Beware, this will just be the beginning of your transformation. Your interest in the new way will spread like wildfire. Luckily for you, this way is cheaper. can go to or through the Fostex website and get basic speaker plans for single drivers. I had a long conversation with Louis of Omega yesterday. Really great guy! He admits being a big tube fan..but loves the low wattage tripath based amplifiers.

The single drivers aren't for everyone. I personally love them. If your a bass head or dynamic freak. These are not the speakers for you. If you want pure and transparent sound.With the source being heard for what it is good or bad..this maybe your speaker.

Good Luck!
I forgot to add Louis's customer service is great! All of his speakers come with a 10 warranty. I bought mine used which had a couple of small cracks in the veneer.Louis is refinishing the speakers without question. He even asked if I wanted a different color or laminate. When they return, the Grande 8s will be Red Maple Parisian instead of Sapele with all the new upgrades. Basically I will have a new pair for the cost of shipping..customer service doesn't get much better!

The Super 3s are light on their feet as Miklorsmith
says.They will not give the fullness of a larger cone though. As always there will be trade offs with any speaker.You have to pick your poison. For the record the 206Es get up to 18 khz. This is above most human males hearing. All of these speakers take forever to break in.
I don't think mine leveled off till past 200 or 300 hrs of of hard playing.

Louis let me in on a little secret. For those who want more upper freqs on certain single drivers. You can go to madisound. Buy two LPG 25 NFA textile dome tweeters $37.00 a peice. Also pick up two LPGTHW Hinged Wedge mounts for $7.00. You can mount them anywhere on the speaker's cabinets and swivel to your needs. You also need one 1.5 Microfarad capacitor (per tweeter) to put inline on the positive lead side of the tweeters.Between the speaker wire and the positive terminal. Total cost under $100 dollars. This should give you all the air you will ever need for cheap.

Louis also mentioned a new smaller speaker for $349.00.
This may be something to look at. It uses a 4.5 inch driver if I'm not mistaken.
Sgi, Here's another vote for the Omega Super3. I've had mine for almost a year. I've been using them with SET's which make for a nice match. Recently I got to listen to Vinnie's Clari-T thats based on your Sonic Impact. I think you will be highly rewarded with a very musical and non fatiging system. Something to remember about DIY: Louis customizes those Fostex 127 drivers, even in the basic Super 3. I've heard the difference and his are much smoother. Add to that his cabinet skills and the fact they're finished even on the backside. Izza winner.
Luis actually has another speaker that may, theoretically, provide for a more synergistic match with the T-Amp, his TS33. While they are more expensive than the Super 3's, at 96 db at 4 ohms, you will get a lot more juice out the T amp with them than you would with the Super 3's 93 db at 8ohms. The T-amp's wattage nearly doubles into a 4ohm load (between 8-10 watts). Also, beacause the TS33's have dual driver with no crossover in a Grande 6 size cabinet, you will get more bass impact and slam in your room without strain.

I have tried the above combination and it sounds great.

The best advice may be to just give Lius a call. He knows all about the matching the SI with his speakers. Plus he's fun to chat with!

Good idea Finnegan..I really wanted to hear this model.The last time I tried the dealer only had one speaker.LOL
I don't know what happened to the other. What a bummer! :-)
Check out Bob Brines FT-1600MKII and FB-16(stand mount version of the 1600. It's not in his product list yet but check the his message board). I have the 1600 on order.



If you ever find yourself in MA. your welcome to hear BOTH of my 33's playing at the same time.

Did you ask your dealer "what is the sound of one driver flapping?"

If you decide to stop by, I promise to not make any jokes of that calibre-

Cool..LOL..Finnegan. I will keep you in mind.My inlaws live in MA. You know we never did find that other speaker.:-)
For the life of me I couldn't understand how they misplaced the other.
I found the joke funny!
Pete you best keep them doors locked..remeber your no more than an hour from me!

All the Best!

I'm waiting to hear from Bob about my speakers. I should be hearing from him soon. I'll have everything laid out so it will be easy to switch components. I want to hear your modded Toshiba CD player.

Talk at you soon.


Looks like our speakers should be arriving about the same time. My FTA-2000s are scheduled to ship next Wednesday. Can't wait....

Thank you all for your great response to my Question. It seems that the Axiom M22Ti will be out of my mind completely! ;) I probably won't build my own speaker for the time being. I just don't have the time to build it when I'm working 15hrs per day for 7 days a weak - But that is a thing I already put in my MUST-DO list. :)

I will most likely be buying a Super 3 from Omega but I should get some reassurance from Luis himself to see if that's the speaker in his lineup to get.

Finnegan, thank you for your suggestion on the TS33. The spec sounds good. Unfortunately the standard Super 3 was originally out of my budget already, so the TS33 is out of the question ... unless of course Luis is willing to sell it to me at a discounted price! (Luis, if u r listening! lol ;)

Gmood1, thanks for your insider's tip from Luis ;) That might come in handy. But I will try the speakers by themself and let it break in first and see how I like it. I have a couple of extra Logitech computer satelite speakers with 5-way binding posts laying around, they might be good enclosure for those tweeters if I ever needed to add those tweeters! I can probably use a 2nd T-Amp to feed those tweeters. :) I listen to different kinds of music, but mostly Chinese Pop. I especially like a good vocal which I've read that these Fostexes are great for. I recently discovered that there are lots of things that I've never heard when I was testing the T-Amp connected to my Logitech Satelites (which does pretty good in the midrange - but I'm sure that can be made better, clearer, more detailed and more precised with better speakers!!!) I simply love it. I really can't wait until I get a better set of speakers! The T-Amp is to blamed for the draining of all the money away from my piggy bank!!!! ;) But I guess that's for a good cause! ;)

Pete, thanks for your suggestion also. Very interesting speaker. It probably will have a much fuller sound than what the Super 3 provides but it's out of my price range as well, unless I build it myself which I don't have the time now. That might come to use in the future though! :)

Thank you once again guys, I've learned alot from all those suggestions that you guys have made; and from all those informative websites. It really does help. I will talk to Luis and see what he says. I wanna know more about his upcoming Hemp driver that I've read as well - probably something I can only hope to get! ;)


No problem Pete as I will bring it up once your speakers breakin.I'm having it modified further..It and the ClariT or what's left of the ClariT. I must come up with a new name for my tripath amplifier.

It's going in a custom wood chassis designed by yours truly. It will also have eight 12 volt SLA batteries. 4 for the tripath boards and 4 for the paralleled buffers.The buffers will be hard wired directly to pure silver captive interconnects with Eichmann Copper RCA bullet plugs.These will connect directly with the modded toshiba.The captive interconnects will also be hard wired directly to my passive volume control .One pair of RCA input connectors has been completely deleted. I should have 500 mA per channel of drive before the the volume pot. The buffers will also connect to the stereo sub outputs by way the passive volume control. It will have 3 separate chargers and switches for fast recharging. Everything will be star grounded. All wiring will be 24 gauge pure silver in cotton tubing no plastic or teflon covering.

Hopefully I can get the hand wound silver chokes installed.
Original resistors will be changed to Caddocks.Bypass caps will be changed to Rubycon Zl/ZA. The binding post will also be changed to Eichmann Cable pods. I have decided to have a second tripath board added and run dual mono in the new chassis.This configuration should give me 48hrs of solid playing time before a recharge is needed.

I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting.At the same time trying to figure out the next move. I'm looking at changing the passive shunt volume control over to a transformer based volume control that uses no resistors.This is kinda expensive it may have to wait a while!

Ozzy and Pete... Bob must be working on your speakers at the same time! If Ozzy lived any closer he would have to keep them doors locked as well! :-)
hey Guys,

Thanks for all your suggestions. Finally put an order in w/ Louis (a very nice guy!) for a pair of Super 3 in Wide baffle configuration! I really can't wait!!!! ;) I'll write back on its performance after I have it for ~100 listening hours! It'll probably take a while! ;)