On good sounding inductors

I am thinking of improving the passive crossover of my Apogee. I had designed the passive crossover of my modified Apogee Fullrange myself, with 1st order 6 db/octave ccrossed at 400 HZ. I used the Alpha Core Goertz inductors. Is there any better sounding inductor than the Goertz? Thanks.
As a matter of fact, there is. Try Mundorf copper, silver or silver/gold foil (air-core) inductors. Silver is quite a bit more expensive and they're available in 10AWG. see: http://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/mundorf_foilcoils.html
Be certain that the inductors used are of the same impedance as what they replace, or you will change the response curve of your system.
Thank you guys. I heard good things about Mundorf but I am not sure if they are better than Alpha-Core. Yes, in terms of guage (10 AWG) they are better than Alpha which come in 12AWG. I decided to go for NorthCreek Music's 8 AWG custom inductors. They have not arrived yet. Will post the results after they are broken in and I have heard them enough to make concrete observations.

Rodman99999 (did I count the 9s right? :)), thanks for the suggestion but my apeaker (moded Apogee Fullrange combined with another Apogee MR/TW) and its crossover is my own creation and hence there is no reference value. It is a first order 6db crossover at 400 HZ. The impedance of the woofer is 1.9 ohm which makes the inductor to be around 0.8 mH.
Dear Gallant Diva: I agree with Johnk: the silver Goertz.

I try it the cooper ones too, the Mundorfs and many others but the Silver from Goertz are IMHO the most neutral/natural ones, no I never heard the NorthCreek so I can't say nothing about.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I've been told the secret weapon today on inductors or any crossover part, capacitors and resistors, especially the caps, are the Duelunds from somewhere in Europe. Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, somewhere in there I think.

They're actually ferrite toroidal cores I believe, but it's good because they are smaller, they have less length of wire, they don't saturate easily, and they add a great amount of transparent vibrancy to the sound. So they say.

I can vouch for the capacitors - the ultimate crossover cap if you can afford them, better than anything synthetic like even the best teflons. The other passive parts aren't cheap either. A life's work in speaker crossover parts from Mr. Duelund.
In fact, I tried the North Creek inductors but then changed back to the Alpha Core. I prefer the Alpha Core. I have the cipper ones. Are silver versions still available?
I spoke to goertz today and they said they haven't made a silver one in more than a year due to the cost, but it probably is still available.