On order, new receiver

Just order new anthem mrx 720, picking up this weekend.  Any who are interested I will post my comments after hookup. Can't wait. 
I’ve been thinking about the same model....looking forward to hearing about it.
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We are displaying Anthem dealers, we just setup a MRX 720 at a clients home, three Kef THX Ci 3160 THX inwalls, Paradigm Defiance 12 inch sub, Epson LS 10500 laser projector and the MRX just rocked.

The difference between no room correction and the ARC engaged was mindblowing, very obvious how much better the system sounded.

One cool function of ARC is the ability to see the corrected response vs the native room's uncorrected reponse.

The ARC room correction is really somthing. The difference in clarity was very noticable as you remove the peaks the ability to hear smaller details becomes much clearer.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Anthem Dealers
It has hdmi 2.0a, hdcp 2.2 and does 11.2, 4 channel atmos. I'm getting for the arc. It does have 7 channel amp, but you can add your own amps to get 11.2.  Everyone seems to rave about the arc and how easy it is to use.  I've heard dirac is better, but a lot more $$$ and from what I read you need to have some degree of experience to setup. Arc is pretty easy to use. I am getting the mrx 720 for 2250.00 at dealer.  My setup will only allow for front, center, rear and 4 atmos.  Can't do sides do to room configuration.  This should be a great upgrade compared to my lexicon dc-1, being over 20 yrs old. I will only use I'll internal amps for atmos, still need to purchase them. Not sure what I will get.
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The 720 is worth it even for 5.1. The larger power supply give you more watts / channel, especially if you don't use a couple of them. :)
The lexicon is a preamp. I don't need extra amp channels.  I have a bat vk 200 2ch and a b&k 3 ch amp. I will only be using 9 channels.
Well I did get my new receiver, mrx 720. Spent Saturday hooking up and doing cable management.  Listened to some music and movies.  Overall happy with sound. Tried to do ARC with my Samsung s9,  but microphone is not recognized with phone. Tried ARC again with apple x10 but only the front and center worked, rear kept saying excessive noise, which I know there is no excessive noise because I am the only one home. I have an apple computer, but that software is not available until April.  I have an old lap top I haven't used in a couple of years,  I will try that this weekend. Overall no complaints.  So right now no ARC in use. I set distances and that's all. Sounds much nicer than my old lexicon dc1. Movies the dialog is crystal clear.  I am sure the arc setup will be much nicer. Music sounds great, but nothing to a/b it with.  Using a transparent digital coaxial for blue sound, waiting on a nordost silver shadow, see what that will do. That's it for now. I will update once I get arc working. Pete
Last night I downloaded the anthem calibration tool on my laptop.  I'm running 5 channels,  no sub. Called anthem because I had trouble with the microphone not being detected and also after the USB update on the mrx720 my network became disconnected via network cable. The fix for network is power off and disconnect power cable to mrx, then push main power button 6 times, reconnect power cord, power system on and after a couple minutes network reconnects.  Another thing I did not no was if you are running 5.1 don't connect amp to rear pre outs, you need to use surround outs. This was why the calibration will only work on front 3 channels.  Once changed to surround speakers, everything works flawlessly.  I did upload my first calibration file. Did not get a chance to watch a movie, but I did listen to some music. WOW what a difference.  Everything sounds so much better, imagining is excellent along with bass. I'm very very happy with the performance.  I do lack the knowledge of setting system settings,  but the anthem ARC does the perfect job for people who don't have the knowledge to do there own adjustments.  I will give a review on ht once I time to watch a movie. Anyone considering the anthem,  I personally give it 5 stars. Also thanks for help from Jamie at anthem,  extremely helpful.  April anthem will be releasing the apple version of arc and I was told it will be easier and more friendly adjustments.  Pete
PS: if anyone has any questions,  I will respond to what I have learned so far.  
I am redoing my 5.1 home theater to 5.14 Atmos. I also have two speakers in my bedroom that need to be powered. My local dealer sells Anthem but has recommended Sony ES Series. I will be using 5 Paradigm in wall and 4 ceiling.  I will need 11amps for home theater and bedroom. Does it make sense to pay the $3500 for the 1120 Anthem or to get Sony 5000ES for $2200 and add an amp. I was thinking of Parasound Zamp V3 for bedroom where I have two Sonance Symphony in ceiling speakers. If I go with Anthem it will be about $1000 more. Do you think the Anthem is worth the extra money. Another option would be Anthem 720 and two amps. Thanks, Bob
I just can't justify more than a 5.1 setup.

If you stick to that, everything becomes a lot more straightforward.
pcc67, I was considering Anthem but then I checked the specs again and I saw they don't support Airplay2 which is a deal breaker for me. You posted that you have an Apple computer. Is not having Airplay2 an issue for you. I have Apple Music and need to be able to stream it from my iTunes library
Galleyboy, I dont know about airplay2.  But I'm not a big fan of Sony at the moment,  I have there f950 65", s5000 sound bar and DVD player in my bedroom.  I spent over 3k on the setup and all I can say is none of it plays well together.  And Sony puts out product and doesn't send out updates.  Once you purchase from them, they are done with you. I will never buy or recommend Sony again. Back to the anthem,  figure out something else to do with airplay2. There must be a way to work it. Call anthem and ask of other ways. I absolutely love the anthem and if you need 11 channels I would get the 1120.  I have separate amps and that's why I bought the 720. Actually was going to get the avm 60, but figured I could save $450 and put to a sub.  Music is excellent thru it.  But realize I use my own amp.  Arc is just awesome and very easy to use. I had a hard time figuring couple things out, but anthem support is excellent,  did I say excellent.  Best support I've ever had with a product. I paid 2250 for anthem mrx720.  So you could buy that for same as Sony and still add amps. I have not listened to amp in the 720.  Go with anthem you won't be sorry.
I talked to my dealer today. He explained that I don’t need a receiver with airplay 2 support if I have Apple TV which I do. He is a long time Anthem dealer but recommends Sony over Anthem. I am thinking of buying 5000 ES
@pcc67, thanks for your response. I went to my local very hi end store which is a long time Anthem dealer. The owner and almost all the other sales people tell me to buy the Sony5000 ES. One guy did suggest Anthem. I will have to talk to them again about Anthem. I doubt if they are suggesting Sony because they make more money on it. I am going to tell my dealer what you said about Sony. I want to know why they suggest Sony over Anthem. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Sony is new and Anthem is older tech. I had thought about Anthem 1120 but that would be way more money than the Sony 5000. With the 1120 I would be able to run my 9 speakers plus two in the bedroom
Yesterday I was there and decided on Paradigm 75F and their center speaker for my front three
@erik_squires I decide to keep it simple and stick with my 5.1 setup. I will be adding a Sony 3100 receiver, 2 paradigm 75F speakers and Paradigm 55C for center. I will use my two rear in ceiling Sonance for the surround speakers and I have a HSU STF-2 for sub.  Also adding a Sony 1000ES for 4K Blu-ray.

gallerybob - I have the Anthem MRX720 with a 5.1 set up.  As AudioTroy stated, ARC makes a huge difference.  You will not get that functionality from the Sony product.  In addition, the components Anthem uses, including power supply, are grades above what Sony uses, even in their ES line.  If budget allows for it, I would check out the AVM60 and separate amplifiers.  Tough to beat solution.  Good luck! 
@mi4, Thank you for your response. Have you heard the 3100ES or 5000ES?
I know Anthem is great, I have heard their 720 at my dealer. I was very impressed. They are considered to be very high class snooty shop. I was surprised when I found out that they sold Sony. Both owners and an employee suggested the Sony 3100. Both owners have explained to me that they consider the new ES line to be vastly better than older Sony's and that its better than Anthem that they have always sold. Sony is less money than Anthem 720 so it's not like they are trying to make more money on Sony. In fact they are down selling me. I was ready to buy the Sony 5000 and both owners told me the 3100 is sufficient for the system I am putting together. I have been working with one owner to put together an Atmos system and the other owner told me to save my money and have 5.1. They would make much more money selling me Atmos, but they really want to take care of their customers. If they say Sony ES is better now than Anthem I am inclined to trust them. Tomorrow I am going in to audition everything I plan on buying and I will be able to compare 720 Anthem to 3100 Sony. 
Bob I can only speak of the Sony TV, sound bar and DVD play. I am just very unhappy how it works together or shall I say how it doesn't work nicely together.  As for the Sony receiver I have no idea.  My dealer does sell Sony, but everything I read about anthem made me go for anthem.  I've had it 2 months and love it. I think my favorite is how easy it is to use and the arc works flawlessly.  I'm not good with all the calibration crap. But the anthem takes all the thinking out of it and does it for you. I really don't know anything on Sony receivers. I will be adding 4 ceiling speakers this summer.  Right now I'm running 5 channels.  Sounds amazing to me.  Supposedly dirac is the best, but expensive and you need to have knowledge to set it up. I'm a plug and play guy. Good luck. Let me know what you get.  I am running my own amps.
@pcc67 I know Anthem sounds great, I have heard it with Paradigm speakers. Yesterday I was able to hear the Sony 3100 ES with a Paradigm Atmos system. I was also great. He claims the Sony ES sound calibration is more advanced than Anthem. The co-owners of the business worked with Sony in designing the ES. I think everyone who hasn’t heard the ES considers it crap. I know when they first suggested Sony that was my reaction. 
I have to decide on 5.1 or 5.1.4. I heard the Atmos setup yesterday and it was really amazing. It was from a Sony disk that was made to highlight the best of Atmos. I wonder though in real use how many movies and shows with Atmos actually take advantage of it. Of course Marvel type action films would but I would be watching very few of these type shows. I’m already set up for 5.1, it would be expensive to add the speakers for Atmos
I just read a review in home theater and they said that the Sony did a poor job in room correction.  Also stated that anthem arc, audyssey and dirac are far more superior than sonys room correction.  If you are looking to save money I would look into the anthem mrx520.  You will still get anthems arc. Also this April anthem will be releasing an update to arc and this will let you use mac's os. Speaking with anthem help desk, he stated the arc will have more features and easier use. I have used anthem customer service and it is excellent.  If you have problems they walk you thru everything.  Very friendly people and my favorite is they speak English.  No offense to anyone.  
Mrx 520 is $1400 and you should at least get 10 percent off that. 5 channel amp, 100 watt at 8ohm. Good luck,  let us know what you get. 
Thanks for your responses. Since we are an Apple household with no PC's maybe I should wait for April and then decide. I have decided that I will have Atmos so with 720 I will need additional amps plus an amp for my bedroom, so 720 may not be right for me
We have both, wife is apple and I'm windows. If you go to anthem website they talk about the update or u could always call them. I went with 720 because I will do atmos within a year. Just have to buy more amps. Was going to get avm 60, but decided to save 450. 720 will do atmos if you buy amp for atmos.  If you don't want to buy amps, get the 1120. And get at least 10 percent discount.  You can use your iPhone mic to do arc, but using a laptop gives you the best room correction.  If you do a/b comparison with other receivers, make sure they do room correction.  When I setup mine I played without arc. 2 weeks later I did arc, outstanding results.  Nite and day, crystal clear. Do u have a budget,  amps, etc...?  Also anthem and paradigm are together. So matching should be great. I did listen to the paradigm 75s, nice speakers.  Keep use up to date. Dont worry anthem will update for apple users, speaking with them, they know. I heard from them the apple version will be even nicer. 
When I first started think of changing my home theater, I did consider Anthem 1120 for the 11 amps. I would have enough to run 5.1.4 and to run my bedroom speakers. It’s $3500 so I think it’s out of my budget