One SS amp running hotter that the other,. . .

should I be concerned? I have a pair of Classe CA301's that I bought at seperate times. I'm not running them in bridged mode. One seems to be quite a bit hotter than the other. Hot enough that you can't leave your hand on it for more than a few seconds. The other one is just very warm although not enough that you feel you have to pull your hand away.
Yes I'd be concerned. Possibly the biasing has gotten tweaked on one of the amps (the hot one). What does the manufacturer say? Good luck!
Might want to try switching the amps left to right and seeing if the same amp gets hot (problem with the amp) or the same channel gets hot (problem somewhere else).
Thanx folks! Ez, I was just thinking the same thing, but I'm not holden out much hope. Only one way to find out.
I would get it serviced. If an amp runs hotter than normal it can cause the transistor and other elements to fail. I agree that it's probably a bias fault caused by an open resistor, or a resistor that's drifted in value. My guess it's the emitter resistor.
You may have a wire shorted somewhere or a speaker that has a lower impedence than the other. Check the wiring first then the speakers. Switching the amps from one to the other is a good idea. One amp could be biased more into class A than the other and that would cause it to run hotter.