Opinion on Edge amps

I used to have the Edge M8 amps which was a good amp.
Has anyone heard these newer Edge NL Amps that use this Laser Bias Circuitry?
Hi Doug99,

I used to use the Edge NL-10 amp in my system, and still have high regard for it. For details take a look here on the GON for details regarding its performance.

For my tastes I finally moved on to the Pass Labs X-series and then to the XA and finally the XA.5 series that I liked better then the Edge NL-10 amp. However, just today on the website Enjoy The Music, Tom Lyle just reviewed the new Edge 10.2, which no longer uses the Laser Bias Circuitry, and went gaga over its' performance. So, take a look at his review for details about why he loved this amp.
Teajay, nothing against Enjoythemusic, but lets be realistic, they say every product is great.
You give them advertisement money and you get a great review. Stereotimes and Soundstage operate the same way.
Hi Doug99,

I agree with you that all reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Why would you just mention websites all the written rags are the same way. I just offered the information on the review because you were seeking information on this amp and might find his experience interesting, that's all.
You have nothing to lose by reading a review , even a web one . Ever notice that even in the more prominent mags , every product tested makes it to recommended components .
I have been using a custom NL 10.1 for the last couple of years. It replaced Krell and is driving my Pipedream speakers. I think it is great, and clearly the best amp I have owned...Bob Koch
My Edge NL12.1 is very fine *IF* there is a good tube preamp in front of it with good vintage tubes.
I'm a former Pass X350 owner.
Had Steven Norber upgrade my 10.1 to the 10.2…great improvement. It mates perfectly with my Consensus Passions..