opinions- Dynavector DV501 Tonearm

I am looking at a used Michell Gyrodec equipped with a DV501. While I am very familiar with the Michell and is the primary reason for my interest, I am unable to find much, well anything actually, about the DV501 tonearm online. I found some info on their top-of-the-line DV507, and apparently the 501 fits between that and their older 505... but that's all I could glean.

I am sure it's a fine arm but does anyone have any opinions on the Dynavector 501? I am not out to have the ultimate arm, but really am curious how it stacks up against something like the Rega 300 which typically comes standard on the Michell Gyros nowadays.




It also has a Grado Signature 8M cartridge, thoughts?
i always thought the 501 was a the 1st iteration, the 505 the second, the 507 the toid. they have a www that gives good info on these arms. i've heard they're excellent, tho no 1st-hand experience. i was strongly considering one for my oracle prior to getting an o-l modded rb250 - i couldn't figure how i could get an auto-lift mechanism to work on the dyna arm when it got to the end of the record, due to its bi-axxial tracking design - only the last couple of inches of the arm actually go up-n-down...