Oppo 83

I have hooked up my Oppo 83 to my B&K ref. 70 via an HDMI for multi channel but was curious if I could use a Toslink to take advantage of the Oppo's internal DAC? If this is in fact an advantage, how would I disengage HDMI and engage the Toslink to play just stereo out?


I don't know much about these multi channel receivers, but isn't Toslink a digital interface? If that's the case, you would not be taking advantage of the Oppo's internal DAC, as you'd just take the Oppo's digital signal and use the B&K's DAC. Or so it seems to me, anyway--maybe someone with more knowledge of the B&K can provide a better answer.
As far as I know,you would use the analog outs of the Oppo,
to use the Oppo's Dac.
Or that's at least how I use my cdp's dacs is the analog outs.
Yep gotta use ANALOG outs to make use of a players digital to ANALOG converter!

Agreed on the analog outs. Plus, if you use the Oppo, you'll have to use Oppo's bass management which likely isn't as extensive at your BK.

I'd stick with the BK. Unless you own the SE Oppo, it's unlikely the Oppo's DACs are superior to your Ref 70's.
The B&K reference 70 currently does not decode DD TrueHD or DTS-MA hi def sound tracks from blu ray DVD's. B&K recommends you use the 7.1 analog out from the Oppo 83 and use the Oppo for decoding. If you use HDMI to connect Oppo to Ref 70 for MCH, you will not be able to hear the hi def audio. The Oppo DACs are terrific, and will give you excellent audio performance on DVD and blu ray discs. You would need to use the bass management on the Oppo. The Ref 70 will not do bass management on the external 7.1 input.

As said above by others, the Toslink is a digital signal. For stereo and MCH analog, you would have to use the same 7.1 analog connection, or the dedicated stereo analog out from Oppo.

However, if you use the Toslink or coax digital connection for stereo music, the B&K analog stage is outstanding, and will give you excellent sound quality for music.

I would recommend you use the 7.1 analog out for DVD/BD and MCH music, since you are not getting the benefit of the hi def sound with HDMI with Ref 70. I would also use the Toslink or coax for stereo music to use the excellent B&K DACs and analog stage.

The Ref 70 allows you to set up several presets to select exactly what you want to hear.
I use the 7.1 analog out for multich music, stereo music, dvd, and br. I have this set as dvd input source on prepro. I use an optical as well and have that input set as cd on prepro. I run hdmi direct to display/pj in my case. With this config I can play a stereo cd and select dvd input source to hear it via the analog outs or switch prepro to cd input and hear it via optical. Depending on disc it can sound equal or slightly better on one or the other.