Oppo BDP-105 vs Mcintosh MVP-891

Anyone had the chance to compare these players?
Slnn3r,Hands down the OPPO-105 will crush the McIntosh for Sound quality and you can even have it Modded for Tube output for around $2,000 from Modwright. The Oppo 105 uses the same Saber Dac chipset that is in the McIntosh CD300 ($6,000). I trust you will use the XLR audio outs of the Oppo...Very nice.Enough said.
I'm expecting my ModWright-modded Oppo 105 today, weather permitting. The stock unit was the first SACD player I had (after 3 Sony and 2 earlier Oppo units) that sounded as good -- but no better -- on CDs as my Raysonic 128, so I figured it might be worth the mod. The basic mod costs $2450 BTW. Dealing with ModWright has been a complete pleasure so far.

Interesting! I have a Raysonic 128 too and I like it a lot. I have wondered about upgrading my current Oppo 83 and getting the Oppo 105. I am interested to hear about your evaluation of the ModWright Oppo 105 vs. the Raysonic.
Hi Finsup. After having it for a whole day and a half, can confidently
say the Oppo/Modwright is a winner :-)

Seriously, it already sounds great to me and yes, defeats the Raysonic
-- my favorite for some 6 years -- pretty handily. I'm not ready to
declare it king of the hill for CDs. I mean, after a day and a half? But
I'm pretty confident at this point, And the tube-rolling potential is
awesome, if you're into that kind of thing.

Parenthetically, I found that 6H23n-EB tubes sounded the best in the
Raysonic of any I tried over the years. And if you're keeping the
Raysonic, you might pick up a spare Sony laser unit while they're
available and cheap.

I have an Oppo BDP-83SE too and never thought it sounded all that
great on SACDs, let alone CDs. So far, the modded 105 does
everything right.
I finally had the chance to compare them side by side. Played ADELE and Rihanna in bluray. Then Norah Jones and Bon Jovi in SACD.

The Oppo BDP-105 have a slight advantage in video. Feels like real life or should I say 3D like. The sound loses to Mcintosh MVP-891. Oppo tends to sound like shouting but not overly bright.

Mcintosh MVP-891 video seems dark. Some background noise in picture is noticeable. The sound OMG is amazing. Clean, crisp and warm.

IMHO if you value picture more, I suggest go with Oppo and if you value sound more, Mcintosh is the one.
S1nn3r; what did u use for power conditioning. If nothing; your comments are not quite so valuable.
Ptss, Used Quantum QB8 with Nordost Valhalla. Both ran XLR frey 2 to the preamp. Both ran Audioquest Chocolate HDMI direct to the TV. Hope this help answer your question.