Oppo BDP-105D mods

Of all the mods that are available for this player does the community consider the Modwright mod to be the best or are there others to consider?
Modwright is the only one I would send my BDP-105D to, if I had one. LOL. Seriously though, I wouldn't trust anyone but Dan Wright and the people at Modwright, Its not called the TRUTH mod for nothing.
I hate CD/DVD/blue ray players for audio use. The Oppo 105 with Modwright mod is one of the few players that will get me to stay in a demo room when its playing.
Totally disagree with Modwright only. I sent mine to John Tucker of Exemplar Audio and it is world class. I have been told by folks who have heard them both that the Exemplar is a step above. I am not downplaying Modwright, just the comment that they are the only game in town.
You should at least call Ric Schultz at EVS.
I am pleased with the output board mod he did for me, and he has a range of options for solid state mods at reasonable prices. If you really want a tube output, then of course Modwright is the big option.
Keep in mind that the Modwright option utilizes a substantial external power supply that is great in terms of performance, but may be a problem in terms of space.
The modwright has not only an external power supply, the tubes stick up unprotected through the top, so it takes up a tremendous amount of room. It may sound good, but it looks like a ridiculous kluge.
"Seriously miller? - You did!"

I DID NOT SAY THAT. IF YOU READ WHAT I SAID, YOU WOULD KNOW THIS! I said it was the ONLY one I would use! I know there are others! HELLO. Keithmundy you got nothing better to do ...no comment that might enlighten the original post??
Thankful and Oldears thanks for the additional information as they are 2 names I am not familiar with.
I owned the Ayon CD-5 and PS Audio PWD II and my Oppo 105 upgraded by John is much better. Extremely Musssical....:)