Oppo on the inside and Lexicon out,you decide.

Very interesting read on audioholics online AV mag.
looks like lexicon put a oppo BDP-30 into a lexicon BD-30,
plus a nice hike in price,truly makes you wonder what we really are buying,especially from a big corp as harmon int.
Course picts could be deceiving couldn't they,you can decide.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Just don't forget to take a cut on the action.
And we wonder why there is no integrity on wallstreet or in the world of politics. I feel really sorry for those who have been duped into spending $3K for what is clearly a repackaged Oppo. How many others have bought a premium componet that was a repackaged pioneer, toshiba or denon etc. No wonder Hi Fidelity audio is full of dubious claims without any hard evidence or validity to prove outrageous claims of improvement. If we cannot trust what were once respected names in HiEnd audio, how will we accept the claims made by honest designers and engineers who are trying to advance our hobby by making the next generation of audio components. Take it all with a grain of salt I guess.
At least the name is kinda truthful: Lexi-con.

How about audio cables selling for 10 times + the cost of materials and labor to build them (the extra mark-up is for research and marketing costs - right?)

Money to burn? Haiti relief organizations can sure put it to good use.