Oppo Sonica Damaged Firmware? - USB ports Dead - HELP!

Both USB ports have died on a modified Oppo Sonica DAC I bought about 6 weeks ago.  I am pretty sure it's a software and not a hardware issue (I'm guessing corrupt driver).  When this happens on any of my Windows PCs it's a relatively straightforward fix, re-install any damaged drivers.  Problem is I have no idea how to do that on the Oppo and I can't find anything on the internet about it.
I can download the latest firmware version but can't even attempt to install it because it won't read a flash drive from either USB port.  I figured this was a long shot, but the A'gon community has been so helpful in the past I figured I would at least ask.
any help GREATLY appreciated.
The ports on my 205 died. It was a bad board. Oppo sells these boards for about $300. Mine will be here soon.
That could be it.  Both failed within 3 weeks of me buying it second hand.  Hate when that happens.  No solutions online I could find.

I wonder if this is what happened to my Oppo BDP 83 SE.   it shows the USB music files but won’t play them.  I haven’t tried this before my music Auraliti server died.  Oppo also returns error “no disc” when a valid disc is loaded.    As I understand it Oppo will fix anything wrong for $99 fee.
sorry to hear about the USB issue. Hope it is not catching! lol

by all means, do contact Oppo first. Go from there.