Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player

Hello.  Have an opportunity to purchase a mint condition Oppo 205 universal player for $2,500.  I'm heavily into multi-channel SACD and Blu-Ray music playback.  Seem like a reasonable deal?  Any other suggestions?

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I always have this itch to get the latest and greatest.  The Reavon is midway between the UDP 800 and 900 in terms of audio performance. Reavon and Magnetar are essentially the same company.  I have to have a universal player as I have a lot of SACDs, DVD As and BluRays as well as a few remaining CDs. Most of the CDs have been loaded onto a hard drive. Pure Music up samples them to 24/96 and uses a digital antialiasing filter resulting in a cleaner high end. 


Thank you for the explanation.

I have a quite a collection too: 6,000 cds, 750 SACDS, 100 Blu-Rays, and about 100 DVD-Audio discs.

I am in the process of ripping my favorite cds to a music server with a 4TB SSD drive.  The others will continue to be played on my Oppo 105.

When the Oppo goes, I will look into either the Reavon or Magnetar.

What is Pure Music?  Is it like HQPlayer or Roon?