Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player

Hello.  Have an opportunity to purchase a mint condition Oppo 205 universal player for $2,500.  I'm heavily into multi-channel SACD and Blu-Ray music playback.  Seem like a reasonable deal?  Any other suggestions?

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Do you mean UDP 205?

They were $1300 brand new. Is it worth it to you to pay almost double the original price or would you rather pay $2500 for a $2500 player?

I agree.   Buy a new machine.     OPPOs were great but do you really want to buy a used disc spinner with who knows how many hours on it when you can buy one of those Reavon players 



Sorry, I meant UDP-205.

I’m struggling with this decision.  I have an Oppo 105 and like the player and I am pleased with its performance.

I have hundreds of SACDs, blu-ray audio and DVD-Audio discs.  Stereo and 5.1 multi-channel playback is important to me.

I’ve heard there are new players in this space, but I am not familiar with them.

Looking to learn from others who have been down this path.


I have a 103d and it's been great, but if it dies I will check out one of those Reavon or probably a apanasonic UB9000.  Balanced outs , multichannel outputs.  Probably a safe bet at that price.  I had one of the better Panasonic BluRay and it's still running in my Brother's system. 


I use my Oppo almost exclusively for music.  I own a few blu-ray, but most of them are concerts.

The trend among us audiophiles, is music that is being produced in Dolby Atmos mixes and Quadrophnic releases of older titles.  They sound fantastic and totally immersive.  

Some purists stand firm with 2:1 systems.  Old jazz titles sound great in this format.  The newer stuff in 5.1 is the closest to live music that I’ve experienced.  I need to have both.

Maybe, I’ll pick up the Reavon after all.  It seems to suit my needs and it’s within my budget.



Thanks for your input.  May I ask what your what your spinning your discs on?



Spending 2x what a product sold for new when the company is no longer in the business is patently insane.  Find something else. 

The Oppo thing is crazy! I was just catching up with a friend today who mentioned he still has one- still in the outer shipping box that has never been opened. I told him to sell it as people will gladly pay twice what he paid- especially for one that has never been used. Absolutely crazy!

I have an Oppo UDP-205, in the 4 years I have owned it, performance has been flawless. Blu-ray and 4k UHD disc playback is about as good as it gets IMHO. Same goes for multi channel audio.

I have a 205 that I’ve been using since I bought it new when they first came out. It’s pretty great with a few upgrades that I performed a couple of years ago. Is it worth $2500….? I guess it depends. I heard a little while ago that OPPO is actually still doing repairs.

I have the 105 and the 203.  I bought the 203 when Oppo announced they were discontinuing making players, as a hedge against anything happening to the 105 (I use the 105 asa transport into a Bryston DAC 3, with HDMI for SACD/Blu Ray/DVD-A).  The 203 sits in a second system and doesn’t get a lot of use.  In fact it has primarily been used as a streamer, since the Bluesound Node in that system died, for a while I was using the 203 in that system to play files from my NAS.  The Oppos will also play music from Data Discs, of which I have several.  Both machines have been near flawless 

Yes, The Magnetar UDP 900 is even better than the Oppo and it does 4K. The UDP 800 Is about the same as the Oppo 205 at $1300!! Much more reasonable than a used Oppo and it also does 4K 

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I always have this itch to get the latest and greatest.  The Reavon is midway between the UDP 800 and 900 in terms of audio performance. Reavon and Magnetar are essentially the same company.  I have to have a universal player as I have a lot of SACDs, DVD As and BluRays as well as a few remaining CDs. Most of the CDs have been loaded onto a hard drive. Pure Music up samples them to 24/96 and uses a digital antialiasing filter resulting in a cleaner high end. 


Thank you for the explanation.

I have a quite a collection too: 6,000 cds, 750 SACDS, 100 Blu-Rays, and about 100 DVD-Audio discs.

I am in the process of ripping my favorite cds to a music server with a 4TB SSD drive.  The others will continue to be played on my Oppo 105.

When the Oppo goes, I will look into either the Reavon or Magnetar.

What is Pure Music?  Is it like HQPlayer or Roon?




Pure Music is the Player section of Pure Vinyl. This is the program Michael Fremer uses to record vinyl to his hard drive. You can buy Pure Music separately. It is an Apple specific program that uses iTunes (Music) and all of its functionality to library the music. It then plays the music from there in any codec.  It is like a high test JRiver. I use Pure Vinyl to raid everyone's record collections to record rare and special records. It also has a very effective pop and click eliminator. 

Check it out at Channel D's web site. 


Thank you.  I’ll check it out.

I didn’t mention that I also have about 1,000 LPs.  Yeah, it’s a bit of an obsession this hobby.

I have several rare records too.  How do you digitize them - through some sort of tape loop?  If you have a moment, I’d be interested to know more about it.



I now have the new Magnetar UDP 900 and for almost the same price of a used Oppo 205 without warranty, support, and parts available, the Magnetar 900 is a no brained. The video and the audio of the new Magnetar UDP 900 is in a whole new level. Ok so I paid $3k for the UDP 900 but for me it’s worth every penny, I highly recommend it specially if you have a collection of SACD and like to use the 7.1 analog output. This unit is a beast at 35lbs. Yes Oppo UDP 205 is a great unit but title has the old technology and it’s not worth the price they’re asking for a used one.

@drlou77 ,

Pure Vinyl uses your hard drive like a tape machine. You record record by digitizing it in real time and placing the file, like any other file, on your hard drive. 


Is the difference with the 205 not the fact that it has its own DAC? If you don’t need the DAC then how much real improvement is there in the drive?

Passed on the Oppo 105.  Now looking at the Magnetar UDP 900. 



Any further thoughts on this unit before I spend $3K?  Did either of you look at the UDP 800?  It’s around $1,600.  Just wondering what you get from the upgrade to the UDP 900.  Not looking to pinch pennies just curious.



I now have a UDP 900 and the answer to your question is, a better picture, a much better picture. The transport is faster and it is more than twice as heavy. Sonically it has no faults.

I’m really liking my Magnetar UDP 900 more and more, it’s like the more you use the better it gets on both video and audio.

I had asked about the Magnetar in the Home Theater section.  Has anyone directly compared it to an Opp?

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Hello folks,

Did anyone have a chance to compare UDP 900 to Oppo UDP 205 from the perspective of both Video and Audio? 



I have compared my Magnetar UDP900 to my friends Oppo 205 and my old Oppo 95 and I must say the video on the 900 is so much superb for both bluray and 4K video and the audio ihas the Audiophile quality sounds, some even consider it a reference level and I can easily agree to that. It may be on the high price but to me it’s worth every penny.

I have owned a Oppo 205 since 2018, right before they discontinued them, it is used daily and has worked flawlessly. I absolutely love it. Up until now there has not been another universal player that equals the features of the Oppo 205. The Magnetar 900 looks to be a worthy successor. Although in comparison, the only disadvantage I see is that the Magnetar has next to no digital inputs compared to the Oppo. I use my Oppo 205 as a dac/preamp direct to my power amp and run digital optical from my tv to the Oppo and digital coax from my Blusound node to my Oppo. I paid $1700 Can. for the 205 and see that the Magnetar is over double the price at $4000 Can. A used 205 would still be a viable option even at $2500. I would curious to see how the two would compare sonically for music only. I always said I don’t know what I would do if my Oppo 205 quit because there was no viable replacement but now there is, though that lack of digital inputs is a bummer.

Another negative I saw in a review with the Magnetar 900  is no visible display for the volume level unless the tv is on, Oppo 205 shows  volume 1-100% in the display which is important when just listening to music if using as a preamp as I do.

Yes, not sure what you mean by “in from the tv”?  I have a Samsung 75” smart TV  it has optical audio out which I run to the Oppo 205 for audio when streaming movies from Netflicks etc or watching anything on my cable box/pvr. It has several hdmi inputs but no hdmi output that I’m aware of. I run hdmi out from Oppo to tv for playing blue ray discs. 

The Magnetar 900 is very similar to the Oppo 205 but at over double the cost the 205 is still a superior player as far as features go.  The Oppo has 2 usb inputs, hdmi input, optical input, and coax input. The Magnetar only has the 2 usb inputs and none of the rest. Also the lack of volume display on the unit would be a problem for me. It sounds like both units use the same Sabre dac chipset. Not sure how they would compare audio and video wise. I’m sure the newer Magnetar may have a slight edge being newer and updated but I’m very happy with the 205 and don’t have any plans to change unless it quits and can’t be repaired.


Thanks for your input regarding using the 205 as preamp.  I will be retiring my AVR soon and plan to replace with 7-channel amplification in one configuration or another.  I'm planning to use my 205 as the preamp until either lack of ease-of-use and/or performance convince me to purchase a preamplifier/ processor.  I've read some other postings of guys doing the same, but any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

No problem, I forgot to mention I also use it for surround as well. I run a subwoofer from the sub output on the Oppo 205 and I am using powered speakers from the 205 outputs as well, centre and rear surrounds 5.1 and it works very well, all from the 205. I run the analog xlr outputs directly to my 2 channel power amp. Sounds better plus extra gain when using the xlr outputs. This setup works great for me. 

FWIW, the Oppo 205 uses the ESS 9038PRO chip for the 2 channel output and another ESS 9038 pro chip for the surround outputs. The Magntar 9000 uses a ESS 9038PRO chip for the 2 channel output but a lesser ESS9028PRO chip for the surround ouputs.

I would be surprised if the Magentar would not sound equal or better than the Oppo for 2-channel listening. Not because of the price - but just because the technology has moved on since 2017 and the machine design on their site looks impressive. Even the menus seem to be directly lifted off the Oppo menu. All-in-all should satify any user who is looking for an alternative to the Oppo UDP 205.

I did read a few of the reviews that I could find, one person did compare the Magnetar to the Oppo and said the Magnetar sounded a little more detailed than the Oppo BUT also a little forward sounding for his likening BUT also said the Oppo had better bass.   The Magnetar was likely a brand new unit not broken in yet so it would likely mellow out a bit after some breakin time.

One review I saw suggested that menu / user interface of the Magnetar was a bit clumsy compared to the Oppo. They do look very similar. I’m only guessing, but I’d imagine the extra weight of the Magnetar might have some benefit.