Orchard Audio - GaN Stereo Ultra Amp Tour and Reviews

Since GaN amps are a pretty hot topic these days...and since Leo is racking up a bunch of good professional reviews, I thought I'd post a couple of links for those that would be interested:

First, he has the Stereo Ultra amplifier out on tour...and there may still be time for anyone interested to sign up by joining SHF and then contacting Leo by email.  Here is the link and a bunch of reviews from recent tour participants:

If you want to read more about the amp first, here is that link.

If you want to read about the technical features and independent tests...go here.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to post a review shortly after your week with the amp has concluded...and you are responsible for paying for shipping the amp to the next person on the tour...maybe $60-80 including insurance.






@snapsc thanks for posting this.

The tour is still open for anybody who wants to participate.

The amp sounds good because the person that design it used the best quality of parts and really thought it all out like the power supply being separated should make the amp last longer the only thing that surprised me it that there no fans in it at all .


snaptube vidmate

@orchardaudio I hope you are well. I would very much like to be part of this. Is the amp a BTL design ?, as these cannot run my Rels at high level, as this is my ( and Rels ) preference of connection. TY, MrD ( Dan ).


Any chance they will be at Capital Audiofest this weekend?  

Not the ultra but the 150W monoblocks will be, see here:



They are a bridged design and have a fully differential output. I am not sure why you say this does not work with REL subs I have quite a number of customers that have REL subs and as long as you follow the instructions for differential output amplifiers there is no issue.

or you can treat the left and right channels as differential monoblocks.



@mrdecibel and anybody else

If you want to join the tour make sure you are a registered member of the steve Hoffman form and send me an email with your full address, phone number, and Steve Hoffman forum handle. I will add you to the list.

Please note as a tour participant you have to write your thoughts on the amplifier on the Steve Hoffman forum and on my website’s product page or google profile. Also, you are responsible for the shipping costs to the person in line after you.

You may follow this thread as the tour progresses: