Organic, Texture, and Palpability - Please Define

I came across these words while perusing old threads and was wondering the meaning for describing sound.
Here are exact definitions from my dictionary.

Palpability: "Is capable of being touched."
Not if it's a guy, my mom warned me about being "touched".

Texture: "Feel and appearance of something."
Second reference to "feeling" things.

Organic: "Relating to a body organ."
OK, enough......I should have known this was coming.
Man oh man I have having a most difficult time behaving myself here but I will. But Albert, don't set me up again like that!
Organic: "Relating to a body organ."

Soooo - how do you play something like that? What kind of sound would it make?

Blowing on the 'organic oprgan' caused a quiet but distinct 'humming' sound that is most appealing to the male ear.....

I learned this as a physician...
Here are my thoughts. Organic; always thought that was a really stupid way to describe anything related to music or sound so I usually ignore the entire comment. But in general, natural is the only other word that comes to mind.
Texture; to me refers to actually (in the case of string instruments) feeling the vibration of the strings or (in the case of horns or brass) feeling or being able to hear the breath of the musician blowing the instrument(very rare).
Palpability; to me refers to the presence of the musical event being portrayed or felt. Not all recordings have this. Some are such dead studio recordings (but technically perfect) that no matter what you'll never be able to experience this. It is bacically that reach out and touch feeling. Very special.
But I like what Albert said.
Definition from my dictionary:

"The original hazelnut spread with a chocolaty taste by Ferrero"

This is getting out of hand :^).
I think they more aptly describe the person using the words.


The user of this word could have various qualities. They may very well be vegetarian. Eco friendly. They probably recycle. They are more curious about the sound of those "Hemp" speakers than the average audiophile. They also prefer Birkenstocks to Tevas.


This would come from a more artsy, boheme style of audiophile. He can be found perusing art galleries which is most likely where he picked up this word. Less of the "hippy" style organic audiophile and more of the "raver" style where tactile sensations are all the thing. They like corduroy.


Now this guy likes to eat...he's as much about the sandwich that he's chomping down on as he is about the Wagner he is listening to at the time. This is more of a hands on kind of guy...the kind that makes you very uncomfortable in a "Bull in a china shop" sort of way. He's a nice enough guy...just keep your hands off his sandwich.