Ortofon 2m Bronze in a Jelco 750D?

Good combination?   I'm thinking of upgrading my SOTA Comet to a Sapphire and am wondering what arm to use.  

All comments welcome. 

The SME M2-9 would be a good match with the Ortofon. BTW,the Jelco does not list the mass in the specifications. Do you know what it is?
The SA-750D is a very good arm and worked quite well with a Lyra Clavis da Capo.  Not sure of the mass, but the Lyra is pretty demanding and requires a high mass arm, IIRC.
The Jelco 750 arm will see you through every upgrade you'll do. It's on the higher end of the mass spectrum so low to medium compliance cartridges will work well in it. I use a Decca/London Super Gold and it works brilliantly.