I bought a vintage Tandberg TR-2060 AM/FM receiver a couple of months ago. I've placed Synergistic Research ECT's inside at multiple appropriate places and the sound quality takes me back to my teen years when spinning vinyl was commonplace. There's a rich meatiness that's missing from my SS Primare pre and power amps. I plan to replace 2 fuses with Synergistic Research purple fuses. There was also an OSRAM 12V 3W inside (what I thought was a 3rd fuse). It lights up when the unit is turned on. But in researching the OSRAM I've found it to be called a light bulb. Is anyone familiar with this "bulb?" What is its purpose? I guess as long as it's lighting up I should just leave it alone?


Is anyone familiar with this "bulb?" What is its purpose? I guess as long as it’s lighting up I should just leave it alone?

It serves two purpose, lower the power supply rectified 40VDC to 34.2V, and also works as a current limiter (something like a reset-able fuse).

Maybe you should contact Synergistic Research if they have any purple audiophile light bulb to replace it.

was there anything by the light that looks like a basketball hoop? Sometimes
The little gremlins that make the synergistic research products work string up a light so they can play basketball when no one is listening to the system

If you don't agree, then can you tell me what the "bulb" does?

And if you don't like Synergistic Research's products, please don't waste your time replying.

imhififan is ABSOLUTELY correct. It’s like a slow turn on circuit! He really knows his stuff. Sorry if I made you think it was not a genuine response.

I got an initial response from SR saying they've never encountered the "bulb" in this unit. They requested more info. I sent pics of the bulb lit up and not lit. I've had no response back so I'm taking it that they do not have a fuse to replace this. I did install 2 other fuses and the receiver sounds marvelous. I'm content.

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