Other Hobbies?

What else do you do in your spare time?
I build Furniture,Trailers, (woodwork and weld) Fly Electric R/C, and Photography.
Waterskiing and Boating are the only ones I'm as fanatical about as audio, though I also have many others . . . Snowskiing, golf, carpentry, metalworking . . .
Sorry Shventus, I don't know what that glider is.
Now if you said Stagger Wing Beach.... Now your talkin!

Huh? you had said a discus type, so I assumed you knew what a Discus sailplane is, oh well. Yes I know full well what a Staggerwing is. There was one of the best that I had ever seen, based at an airport in NY called Kobelt. As a matter of fact, they had many pristine vintage planes there - Myers, Staggerwing, Stearman, Trimotor, etc. Great little airport close to Rhinebeck.
Most airports are all fenced-up because of 9/11 and you can't get close to some of those great planes.

BTW I would like to get a discus glider,
Hi sailplaners,

Shventus, by "discus-type" I think Champtree means the new hand-launch gliders that you launch with a discus-throwing motion. Not the sailplane of the same name!

For me, I have flown for some years a lowly MAD Highlander (2-meter foamie) on a high-start. Very beautiful and relaxing on a nice day with the kids and dogs running around in a big farm field (needs 800 or 1000' clear across the field to launch). Some great times.

Had a Gentle Lady mostly built once years ago, built and wrecked an insane little .049 plane, and built an elaborate scale model (power) that I could never get in the air (too heavy), and have a partly built "stik" electric in the basement right now.

This year I will admit that I just don't have time to build planes, and will buy an ARF (almost ready to fly) small electric that I can fly close to my house. I bought a flight simulator this last winter, to help learn some more aerobatic flying.

- Eric