Other Hobbies?

What else do you do in your spare time?
I build Furniture,Trailers, (woodwork and weld) Fly Electric R/C, and Photography.
Wine, watching baseball (go O's!) and watching college basketball (go Terps!). That of course assumes that sports viewing is a hobby, perhaps it's not.
this topic has been done more than once since 1999. but, perhaps, starting what appear to be "new & novel" threads (but are most certainly not) may be defined as a hobby.
Perhaps answering threads in a rude and smart-mouthed way could be defined as a hobby. What do you think Corn?
I'm with you Champtree, woodworking is my "other" hobby. Mostly solid cherry custom work from rocking chairs to beds to most any cabinet work.
right on Treed!!!!!!! i think this is an interesting thread,even if its been asked before,,by the way Cornfedboy,what are your hobbies? Peace and happiness to all!
I was into biking (mostly mountain, although some road), scuba diving, and movies. Since becoming a parent 3 years ago, the biking and scuba have gone by the wayside. But have become even more involved in movies as an executive producer for independent film...
Underwater photography - gets me away from my listening room, when I need a break.
I fly a radio-controlled sailplane -- still working on getting my first electric in the air so I can fly at smaller fields!

That and my family is all I can (barely) squeeze in.
Other hobbies would include : Bowling, gardening, bicycling, photography, so I have plenty that keep me busy throughout the year !
Making sordid noises with various guitars, model railroading, gardening, cooking, spewing venom on various internet forums and generally just avoiding work as much as I can.
Masturbation keeps my hands full when I'm not listening to music, riding a motorcycle, making photographs, or collecting "Hello Kitty" items from eBay.

Avid tennis player. Play twice a week if my old body allows. Also taught my kids and nephews to play and hope to teach my grandsons soon. Helping coach little league (grandson) until he realizes tennins is the game.
Sex - and sometimes even with my wife!
Pitiful noises from two electric and one acoustic guitar and a MicroKorg synthesizer - for $400 more fun than you can have any other way standing up.
Kayaking, both whitewater and ocean.
The love of my life - alpine sking.
And like Pbb, making inane and self indulgent comments to innocent threads on AGop.
For me is lifting weights.I am not sure if it is a hobby,a sport or what not but I do enjoy it a lot and I believe that it is a good stress reliever as well as making one look good.I do admit though that recently I've been off of it due to major home renovations.I do however still lift at least once a week so that I don't loose a lot of my gains.

PS.Marco ,you are free to pick on me,as once B4.!!!!!LOL
Good to hear you're still pumpin' iron George! Me? Well, I'm still pumpin' too. Hey, I got some "Hello Kitty" slinky tank tops that'd really turn some heads at Gold's!

Working out, white water-kayaking, scuba. No time for the other's I use to do.
Photography, especially undersea photography. My images are located at: http://homepage.mac.com/rosstamann/PhotoAlbum28.html

Other hobbies include: whitewater canoeing and telemark skiing.

Marco you crack me up!
Motorcycles and downhill skiing...the faster, the better for both. Those things keep me occupied most of the time. Audio is for when the weather won't cooperate with my other two passions!!!

Marco...Too damned funny, as always!!!

Hey Elgordo...how about a friendly game of underwater BB stacking!?!
Playing piano (Ragtime), Tropical fish (mainly cichlids), reading, bicycling, photography, running, cat fancier, videophile, not a hobby but time consuming, teaching middle school science and mathematics is a progrom for life long learning. By the way, it sounds like a middle school lunchroom on the Gon sometimes hmmm. . .
I have too many hobbies and not enough time or money! I collect coins, antiquities and militaria (WW2). I also enjoy gardening and have been working on an outdoor fountain for the past year made entirely of semi-precious rocks and minerals (amethyst, pyrite, etc.) My wife thinks I'm nuts:-)
Mine include:

My pets
Flying - PP with SEL, Inst. & sailplane ratings
Cycling - Roadbike, Merlin Extralight
R/C planes - power & sailplane
Pistol shooting,
Archery (target)


What sailplanes do you have?

I flew a Discus B (full scale) 500 KM (Minden to Tinnemaha Dam & back; south of Bishop), on a 7 1/2 hour glorious flight, mostly between 15,000 & 18,000 feet.
Waterskiing and Boating are the only ones I'm as fanatical about as audio, though I also have many others . . . Snowskiing, golf, carpentry, metalworking . . .
Sorry Shventus, I don't know what that glider is.
Now if you said Stagger Wing Beach.... Now your talkin!

Huh? you had said a discus type, so I assumed you knew what a Discus sailplane is, oh well. Yes I know full well what a Staggerwing is. There was one of the best that I had ever seen, based at an airport in NY called Kobelt. As a matter of fact, they had many pristine vintage planes there - Myers, Staggerwing, Stearman, Trimotor, etc. Great little airport close to Rhinebeck.
Most airports are all fenced-up because of 9/11 and you can't get close to some of those great planes.

BTW I would like to get a discus glider,
Hi sailplaners,

Shventus, by "discus-type" I think Champtree means the new hand-launch gliders that you launch with a discus-throwing motion. Not the sailplane of the same name!

For me, I have flown for some years a lowly MAD Highlander (2-meter foamie) on a high-start. Very beautiful and relaxing on a nice day with the kids and dogs running around in a big farm field (needs 800 or 1000' clear across the field to launch). Some great times.

Had a Gentle Lady mostly built once years ago, built and wrecked an insane little .049 plane, and built an elaborate scale model (power) that I could never get in the air (too heavy), and have a partly built "stik" electric in the basement right now.

This year I will admit that I just don't have time to build planes, and will buy an ARF (almost ready to fly) small electric that I can fly close to my house. I bought a flight simulator this last winter, to help learn some more aerobatic flying.

- Eric