Outdoor speaker recommendations

Recently bought a pair of Spendor sp2/3 in fair condition to use as outdoor speakers but somehow I just dont feel right using them outside despite their condition. Wanted to know if anyone has compared Niles, Polk etc outdoor models or if there are any others i should consider that are meant to be outside.
I have JBL outdoor speakers wich come with mounting brackets and like them alot...why go crazy? Everything sounds good when out and hanging with friends IMO
The JBL's I think are $200 per pair.
For an excellent value for low-cost outdoor speakers, check out the two models by Yamaha. The larger of the two is better.
Good listening!
Check this website out ->


Great range of speakers to choose from and they have a 30-day money back guarantee less S&H to and from.

and check out Radio Shack's outdoor speaker ->


The Radio Shack speaker shown at their website is actually upside down, the curved end should face down. Every now and then they do go on sale. If you don't like them they also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

I have experience with both products for myself, family and friends. All of us are very happy with them. No one returned them and they have held up nicely.

I have had good luck with a pair of Cambridge Soundworks A52. Nice build quality with surprisingly good bass and midrange. They retail for $300 but Cambridge Soundworks sells their B-Stock on E-Bay. I found a pair of these there for around $120 and in perfect condition.
while I don't normally like BOSE speakers, I got a pair of BOSE 251 outdoor speakers as a gift, and LOVE them. Great sound, and I've had them mounted now for 2 years and they sound as good as new. They run about $350 new for a pair.
I have the original Mirage Oasis outdoor speakers and think they sound great. They just recently came out the an Omni directional version and I would think that they sound excellent.