Outlaw LFM -2 powered sub

Hello gentlemen,

I am thinking about giving my little sister my Totem Storm powered sub. I have googled "Outlaw LFM-2" and have come across some positive feedback by Outlaw LFM-2 owners. My 2 channel Sonneteer integrated only puts out 45 watts at 4 ohms. I wonder if any of the Audiogon Gs here currently own the Outlaw LFM-2 and what do you think of the Outlaw LFM-2 performance? Are the Outlaw LFM-2 fast enough to catch up with the Totem Model 1? Are they deep or are they boomy? When I said deep, I meant to ask were the LFM-2 designed for music rather than movie?

All feedback and comment are greatly appreciated
LFM-2 is a good sub for a smaller area, u can even go for a pair of LFM-2 if u have to. Its very small and sounds great, goes down to 30 Hz easily, although rated till 27Hz....
It was on sale for $200 till recently on outlaw audio...keep looking, it might comeback on sale sometime soon
Hieule5, the LFM-2 is a nice little sub. Very good value for the money. I use mine exclusively for movies. Otherwise, it's switched OFF. From my experience, and in my system ... not what I would call the most "musical".
Get a REL if you want musical. Your Storm probably sounds better with music.
Outlaw is made by HSU Research.
For a more 'musical' experience, go upline at either HSU or OUTLAW.
Things get more......interesting........for just a few $$ more.
Also, choose your sub by room size. While my personal motto is 'too much is never enough', I am told it is possible to over-sub a room.