Over the top


Well what started off as a quest for a little more punch in my system has turned into some "Over the top" moves on my part. I had been very happy with how musical my Mcintosh MC 2102 & C2200 have been, but I did want a little more dynamics and punch without loosing and musical aspects of the system. My speakers are Sonus Faber Guarneri wich I love, and I was considering adding a second MC 2102 and running them bridged. Long story short I ended up with two Mcintosh MC 2301 monoblocs & Mcintosh C1000T preamp! Over the top or what.....I won't have the new equipment until next week but I am looking forward to it! Can't wait to hear the Guarneri driven by the MC 2301's & C1000T, all comments are welcome........
Since you said that "all comments are welcome" I will offer this suggestion, even though it is technically outside the "amps preamps" topic scope. I have heard your speakers driven by superb electronics (SS and tube) and really loved them. Wish I could afford to own them. The next time I heard them the overall musical presentation was far better. The only difference was the addition of a REL Reference Stentor III seamlessly tied into the system. The difference was astonishing! If I ever do own the Guarneri's, I will also own the Stentor III as well.

Happy listening!
I've always wanted a pair of Guarneris and finally got a pair of new Mementos. I also had the C2200 and MC2000 years ago so with a little conjecture I can say I'm sure you're going to love your new pairing. What size room do you have the G's in?
The size of my listening room is approx 20 x 15 w/ high cedar ceiling that goes from 10 feet at the front and rises on an angle to about 14 ft
Nice choice of gear. You'll be in heaven. Just a word of caution - be careful not to overdrive those awesome speakers. The port is tuned at around 55 HZ - so be careful with any seriously bass heavy stuff (although the woofer excursion may be well controlled at 60 Hz - you may find that 30 Hz could cause excessive excursion given your massive power amps)
I second the REL sub suggestion...I have had the G's twice(?!) and the sub is a must if you want them as a main system speakers.
The thing with using the Guarneri with a sub in my particular setup does not work because my room gets overloaded with bass quickly. The construction of my listening room and the floor in particular are heavy on the wood. The floor in particular appears to be very flexible and "Bouncy" so that the whole room basically turns into one big woofer. I would advise anyone who is thinking of a sub to audition the sub in question in the room where it will be installed. Otherwise you could find yourself adding something negative to your listening experience. I listen to alot of opera and classical as well as jazz with mostly standup bass instruments. As one reviewer put it, the bass that the Guarneri does reproduce is VERY convincing so as not to miss deep extended bass. As I said earlier, when I listened to the Sonus Faber Amati there was no question they were full range and had deeper bass. However they did not sound as alive and did sound a little nasal and closed in compared to the Guarneri in my set up. I feel that if I did not miss deep bass on my Guarneri before with one Mcintosh MC2102, I think that with the change to the MC2301 monoblocs bass and dunamics should be even better. Not to mention the change from the C2200 to the C1000.
I am using c2300 and mc501's driving Alto Utopias. My next electronics move will be what you just did--Congrats!
Yes I figure that with the new electronics setup I will be good to go for quite some time. I'll will let everyone know how it works out when it's all set up.
I own a pair of SF Guarneri and thought that adding a superb SS amp would help in the same areas you are looking for - so I bought a Gryphon pre/power combo with great results.

Saying that - I recently found that a Jadis Da55S provided a better defnition at all the audio spectrum, more vividness and definition - I am park there now.

Regarding the sub I agree with you - it works in some systems and not in others - it did not worked in mine - just added some integration problems and mushed the mids.

Good luck.
Anything that is going to mess up the mids in my system is out. All else besides the mids are just extensions in my book. I found the same thing when I tried a sub, more bottom end but at the expense of the magic of the mids. I'm not saying it can't work, but in my system and more importantly in my room it did not. I know when bands go into the studio they favour different studios for different sound characteristics, basically our listening rooms are like studios. They all have there own character and dynamics, the room is at least 50% of the formula. Glad to hear your enjoying those Guarneri's, they are special.
I agree with the use of a REL sub. The above problems with subs have not been an issue with REL because there is a specific set up procedure involving placement where the sub works with the room instead of against it.

Also, REL subs are tunable within 2 Hz. increments from 14 Hz and up. Most room nodes in the room your size are dealing with 50 to 60 Hz. and their overtones which is well above the REL's crossover point.
All good info Duane. There is no doubt that a high quality sub and some know how and patience can really dial a sub in well to a given room's sound characteristics. Most of my listening is built around great vocals (Like opera etc..) so subs are not really required or as important in that application. But for those that have a wider listening base in terms of material, go for it.
Well I hooked up my new Mcintosh MC2301's and my Mcintosh C1000T preamp last night. There are no words to describe the quantum leap in performance as compared to the Mcintosh MC2102 and the Mcintosh C2200 preamp. Dynamics, resolution, seperation, quitness, soundstage (Yes I'm now listening in stereo), every single aspect of the sound is magic. The 2301's are plenty fast and loud but no trace of harshness, even at really low volumes all the elements of the music are there and not watered down. My Sonus Faber Guarneri are really singing and appear to love the extra power. The Guarneri for me are the best two way speaker for my ears, now with the new set up they are almost "Stupid good". In fact my whole system brings a great big grin to my ear. Last night I listened to some Standard Coltrane (Jazz) and Maria Callas (Opera) and the system just took my breath away. Looking forward, I am going to compare the built in phono section of the C1000T with the my Audio Research Reference Phono Preamp. I will give moe observation as I listen more.
My right brain has been always in love with McIntosh - my right one keeps telling me it is just pricey Hi-Fi. My best decisions in life have come from my right brain!!!
Right brain left brain right brain left brain right brain left brain......Wow! It's like brains in stereo. The RIGHT thing to do in any given situation is usually the most difficult. It's not by any chance that I always do the EASY thing, it also appears that the EASY thing is also the wrong thing to do. A couple of weeks ago the RIGHT brain said "Go buy a couple of Mcintosh MC2301's and a Mcintosh C1000T, I think the Left brain was on holidays! Next thing you know the "Stuff" is on my audio rack.
Good choice... my left brain was also there while writing the original post.. anyway... I am sure you got the message - do enjoy them!