PAD Proteus Provectus and Venustas SC differences

Anyone have experience with these speaker cables that could describe how they are similar and different sonically? Thanks in advance for any help.
I can't help you on the speaker cable.

I did upgrade from a Venustas tonearm cable to a Proteus Provectus tonearm cable. 1st is much blacker background and resolution goes up, distortion goes down. It's a more articulate cable. 2nd the normal fluid vs ferrox differences found in Dominus seem not to be there. good extention at both extremes (better than venustas) and a glorius midband. For me in this application, it's a complete upgrade, nothing suffered.
Thanks J, beautiful system you have there BTW...

Any PAD dealers listend to both at length?
You might give Jim Aud at Purist a call he has been really helpful to me, his number is 979-265-5114.
also the Cable Company has loaners to try so you can draw you own ideal.